Inside the Ride

Flying School at LEGOLAND FloridaIt may sound like an attraction that belongs at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure, but Flying School at LEGOLAND Florida is actually the perfect way to introduce your kids to the excitement of roller coasters without the unwanted side effects some adults get! And of course it will make them feel like they’re actually flying!

Formerly known as the Swamp Thing at Cypress Gardens, Flying School roller coaster is located in LEGO City and takes guests on a wild ride around a steel track. Unfortunately, kids don’t have any kind of control on this ride other than screaming and laughing along the way, and it makes kids feel like they’re flying a plane!

But perhaps what’s even more exciting than being on this roller coasters, is being on a roller coaster without a floor! That’s right, riders will feel their feet dangle below the park as they zip, whip and whirl around this high-“flying” coaster!

Once you’ve learned how to take flight, LEGO City also lets guests learn how to boat and drive in Boating School and Driving School. And unlike Flying School both attractions give guests control of the vehicles.

During Boating School you’ll maneuver a giant LEGO boat by way of a foot pedal and steering wheel across a small body of water. There is no track underneath the boat so you really are in complete control of the vessel as you try and get to the other side. Along the way, there are plenty of LEGO gags like squirting water to be on the look out for.

If your tot can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a car, they’ll probably love navigating their own LEGO car at Driving School. Here, kids will go through a short training session to learn the rules of the road like stopping at stop signs and yielding to other vehicles before getting behind the wheel and touring the LEGO streets. There are no tracks limiting the riders so it can get a little bumper car-ish on the roads but that makes for an even more exciting experience, although kids are encouraged to not run into one another.

And for those not old enough for the bigger course, there is a Junior Driving School that allows even the littlest of kids to enjoy the freedom of exploring the open road, but on a smaller scale and with closer supervision.

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