Inside the Ride

Hollywood Studios Backlot tourHave you ever wondered how they make those massive explosions in the movies? What about how the storms and natural disasters? Well now you don’t have to wonder anymore because Disney’s Hollywood Studios ® gives you an insider’s look at the special effects used in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies during the Studio Backlot tour.

The Studio Backlot tour is a 35-minute behind-the-scenes guided walking and tram ride tour that will let you experience the secrets behind some of the biggest explosions, fiercest storms, battles and let you walk and drive through prop warehouses, see real sets and even experience a little of the action yourself!

Your tour begins with a short walk to a special outdoor viewing area where you’ll first learn how battles and storms at sea are created. This portion of the tour recreates a mini version of a storm by using water tanks and pyrotechnics for an explosion you won’t believe. Prior to the tour, you’ll be asked if you want to participate in the Harbor Attack scene and if you’re chosen you’ll be able to actually help create the ferocious storm!

Once you’re well versed in the creation of storms, you’ll take a walk through a prop warehouse where you should be on the lookout for familiar props and costumes from famous movies. Then you’ll take the tram for an intricate tour of the back lot. It’s during this part of the tour that you actually get to see some of your favorite television and movie sets as well as multiple vehicles, production bungalows and topiaries you may have seen in Disney ® movies. Make sure you bring a camera for this part of the tour; it’s certainly something you’ll want to remember.

Your backlot tour continues as you drive past sound stages, take a look inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios ® cameras and even take a picture of the props and lighting departments. At the very end of the tour you’ll learn how earthquakes are made when you take a detour through Catastrophe Canyon and feel the ground shake and watch as an earthquake takes over the tour with flash floods explosions and crashes.

But just because the tour ends doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy some behind-the-scenes movie fun at the American Film Institute Showcase. Here you can more costumes, props and sets from recent films and some classic movies and television shows in the exhibit named “Villains: Movie Characters You Love to Hate.”  Here you’ll be able to see Darth Vader’s costume and Darth Maul, along with 50 other memorabilia from films like Aliens, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Chronicles of Narnia. You’ll even be able to take a piece of the attraction home with you with some movie/TV themed merchandise.

For a chance to see how the movies are made make sure you visit the Studios Backlot tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ® and look for discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.