Inside the Ride

Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld OrlandoThere is no other place in Orlando that will take you to the far off, mythical land of Atlantis where sirens lure you to the edge of darkness and the only way to escape their calls is down twists, turns and drops to a watery end that will leave you soaked and screaming with excitement. It’s called Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando and it isn’t your ordinary thrill ride.

Guests looking for something different than the typical roller coaster or water ride experience should take a journey on Atlantis and experience a ride that combines the splash of a water ride with the throat in your stomach drops of a roller coaster all while telling the eerie story of the mysterious city of Atlantis.

You’re journey begins as you board an eight passenger “boat” and are immediately propelled into a water flume that is meant to resemble an underwater canal. Just like in ancient Greek mythology, a siren beckons the boat closer until the legendary kingdom of Atlantis is in view. The boat then enters the city where you’ll be able to further explore the beautiful area. Suddenly, the sirens that initially lured you reveal their true form and the next thing you know your boat is climbing out of the temple and up a hill on a roller coaster chain. Once at the top, your boat teeters over the hill before plummeting down into a large splash pool at the bottom.

You’ll then take another short drop and a final lift that takes you back into the temple for one more encounter with the siren. This is where Atlantis goes from a water ride to a roller coaster. While you stand at the top of the lift hill, you’ll realize you are now on a roller coaster-type track and as you try your hardest to escape from the call of the siren, your boat falls into darkness, spiraling down a drop to the left before swooping up and landing in yet another splash pool for the ultimate cool down.

After your boat safely returns to dry land and you’ve escaped from the secrecy of Atlantis, make sure you stop by Jewel of the Sea Aquarium before enjoying the rest of SeaWorld’s watery adventures. Filled with the sea’s most exotic fish and creatures the Jewel of the Sea Aquarium is the perfect way to get an up close view of what really lies under the ocean. Covered by Plexiglas, guest scan walk right across the aquarium as sea creatures float beneath.

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