Inside the Ride

Inside Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom

Just because Walt Disney World ® isn’t located on or by a river doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a white water rapids adventure on your next visit! Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ® will take you down the turbulent rapids of the Chakranadi River for a soaked-to-the-bone thrill ride you won’t believe isn’t in the actual rainforest and one that’ll certainly keep you cool on a hot Florida day.

Just like many other Walt Disney World ® rides, your white water adventure actually begins before you step foot on your raft. The Kali River Rapids’ queue is complete with several themed buildings, ancient statues, shrines and overgrown and lush landscapes. As you approach the loading dock you’ll pass through a boathouse where the “Kali Rapids Expeditions” proprietor is shown on a television screen explaining the company’s mission: to show visitors the natural beauty of the area. She also warns of illegal loggers. And just as she says this, you can hear chainsaws in the distance. Unsure of what that means you head to your raft to begin your adventure.

Once you reach the loading dock you and 11 other thrill seekers will board a 12-passenger raft and begin a 90-foot ascent. As you prepare for the choppy waters ahead, make sure you take in the beautiful jungle surroundings like the lush foliage and showering waterfalls. Your nose will even be excited as jasmine and ginger scented mist sprays the air. Once you’re at the top make sure you hold on to something because before you know it you’re being plunged back down that 90-foot ascent and into the rough water below. As you drop, water spills into your boat, soaking just about everything that comes into its path, including you! Once at the bottom you’ll encounter gushing geysers and float under cascading waterfalls.

And just when you thought Kali River Rapids couldn’t get anymore thrilling you’ll experience one more fall as you teeter at the top of a 30-foot waterfall before plunging to the waters below. If you weren’t wet before the drop, you’ll certainly be looking for a towel when you’re done!

In keeping with Animal Kingdom’s ® message of conservation and environmental protection, guests along the rapids will come across illegal loggers who are destroying the beautiful landscape for their own gains. After floating through the gushing geysers and before plunging down the 30-foot waterfall, adventurers will come across a destroyed rainforest, littered with hazardous debris from logging companies. In order to escape the devastation and go in search of help you must take the 30-foot drop down to the end of the ride.

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