Inside the Ride

SeaWorld Orlando KrakenJust about every story about the sea tells the legendary tale of the massive, mythological underwater beast commonly known as the Kraken. Legend has it the sea serpent belongs to the ocean god Poseidon, who releases him only to destroy ships that get in its path, either with its long slimy and green tentacles or by the whirlpool left in its wake. The stories are enough to scare most from traveling the sea, but for some the thrill of seeing and experiencing the Kraken and its wrath is exactly the kind of excitement they’re looking for!

Luckily for them, the mythological beast has been unleashed at SeaWorld Orlando and anybody who dares can experience the monster of a ride where the drops are longer, lifts are higher and the fun is greater than any other roller coaster in Orlando!

Consistently ranked one of the world’s top roller coasters by ride enthusiasts, Kraken is a steel floorless roller coaster where guests will encounter seven incredible loops including a 119-foot-tall vertical loop, a 101-foot-tall diving loop, as well as a zero-gravity roll and a two-inversion cobra roll. The ride lies over a pool of water known as the Serpent’s Lagoon, where non-riders can enjoy the screams from the riders.

Nestled in the Northeast area of the theme park, Kraken is located behind the Pacific Point Preserve. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see a giant Kraken sculpture located outside the queue line that wraps around and into a tunnel the ride travels through. The queue line itself isn’t as exciting as other SeaWorld ride queues, but it does offer some mystery with cryptic phrases like “Only the sea knows the depth of the sea” written on its walls.

Just as you board the Kraken car (there are eight cars, each carrying four guests sitting side-by-side for a total of 32 riders at once) the floor will disappear beneath you, letting your feet dangle down into the open air. From there, riders climb a 140-foot ascent before plummeting back down to the ground. And because there is no floor on the Kraken, this 140-foot drop actually feels like it as you look down at your dangling feet the entire time! If that doesn’t get your heart racing the seven hair-raising inversions and three underwater tunnels that follow certainly will. 

At speeds of 65 miles per hour, the Kraken then thrusts riders into a large vertical loop before climbing upward and diving into the same tunnel where you saw the Kraken sculpture outside of the queue. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll experience a single corkscrew before the ride ends.

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