Inside the Ride

Inside Living with the Land, Huge Lemons at Disney WorldIn continuing honoring Epcot ® and its 30th anniversary in October today’s Inside the Ride blog will be all about one of the park’s most unique attractions and one that not only entertains guests, but helps feed them while in the park! It’s called Living with the Land and it is one of the more educational rides at Epcot ® and one everybody should experience.

Located in The Land Pavilion at Epcot ®, the Living with the Land attraction is a 14-minute greenhouse boat ride in Future World that takes guests on an agricultural journey through the rain forest, Africa and across the globe as it explores the advancements of agriculture and what the future has in store for farming.

Your adventure begins as you sail through artificial biomes representing the American plains, a tropical rain forest and the African desert where you will witness the latest developments in aquaculture and desert farming. To make you feel like you are really in these environments some of the biomes feature sound and lighting effects, heat, wind and mist to stimulate real conditions.

From the biomes you’ll explore The Land’s “Living Laboratory” where you’ll learn about the future of agriculture and see the various ways plants can be grown without soil. You’ll even float by experimental greenhouses and take a first-hand look at an aqua environment, the Aquacell, where alligators and fish thrive.

But perhaps one of the most exciting stops on your agricultural cruise is at the experimental greenhouses where you’ll see actual produce that is grown specifically for Epcot ® restaurants. In the Biotechnology Lab things get really magical as riders see how Epcot ® has altered certain foods to look like Mickey Mouse ears including pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons and more, all of which are featured in Epcot’s ® many restaurants. These greenhouses also grow crops native to many cultures including rice, sugar cane and bananas.

Living with the Land truly is an educational attraction that gives guests great insight into what advancements have already been put into place and what’s to come in the world of agriculture both in the United States and across the world. By the end of the boat ride you’ll have a better understanding of what scientists are doing to help farmers prepare for the food needs of our world.

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