Inside the Ride

Lost Kingdom Adventure at LEGOLAND Florida

Imagine venturing deep inside the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple where snakes, spiders, skeletons and mummys dwell only to be followed by an evil villain who will stop at nothing to steal the treasure hidden in the ruins. That’s exactly what you’ll experience on LEGOLAND Florida’s only dark ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure!

Just like any good adventure and dark ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure takes riders on an action-packed thrill ride to stop an evil villain, rescue a damstel in distress and save a hidden treasure from sinister hands. The only difference between this ride and other dark rides is that it brings popular LEGO characters to life like never before!

Much like Walt Disney World’s ® Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Universal Orlando’s Men In Black, Lost Kingdom is an interactive dark ride that arms guests with laser guns so they can shoot at targets to earn points. Explorers brave the dark and travel into the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple to stop Sir Sam Sinister from stealing the temple’s hidden treasure, and to rescue Miss Pippin Reed, a globe-trotting reporter who frequently finds herself at the mercy of Sir Sam Sinister.

Johnny Thunder, one of LEGO’S popular Australian adventurers, welcomes the new adventurers and explains the challenge: to save Miss Pippin and foil the plans of the evil Sam Sinister.

Once you’ve learned your mission, you’ll board a four-person all-terrain roadster that looks like a classic old-time Jeep. Each vehicle is equipped with fire laser blasters explorers use to zap targets, earning points and causing creatures like cobras, jackals and mummies to pop up out of vases or from behind the ruins. The vehicle is also equipped with digital scoring panels that track rider’s scores throughout the adventure.

After you’re settled into your vehicle, the ride immediately starts, slowly taking you through ten different rooms and scenes, where you’ll have plenty of time to find and shoot targets. Each room offers colorful, larger-than-life LEGO characters like Minifigs along with those above-mentioned cartoonish snakes, spiders, skeletons and mummys.

As you ride past the creepy creatures that lurk in the dark be on the lookout for targets, you never know if your hit could save Miss Pippin. With each target successfully shot, guests will not only be awarded the proper amount of points but each shot also triggers an animation or effect for your enjoyment!

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