Inside the Ride

Peter Pan Magic KingdomOn Tuesday, the classic Disney ® animated movie, “Peter Pan” will celebrate it’s 60th anniversary and to commemorate the milestone, Disney ® is releasing restored Blu-Ray version of the 1953 film with new digital restoration high definition picture and sound and will include Disney Intermission, Growing up with Nine Old Men short film, never-before-seen deleted scenes and a never-before-heard deleted song.

At Orlando Fun Tickets, we’re celebrating 60 years of one of Disney’s most classic movies with a return to Neverland and a flight on the only ride at Walt Disney World ® that lets you experience Tinker Bell’s fairy dust, The Lost Boys, Captain Hook and the angry alligator and the boy who never grew up – Peter Pan himself on Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom ®.

Created in 1971, Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom ® has become one of the most popular attractions at the park. With little changes since it opened more than 30 years ago, no fancy animatronics and simple special effects, its charm has enchanted generations of visitors to become a consistent popular attraction amongst guests. But those who have taken flight with Peter Pan know that a trip to Neverland has nothing to do with high-tech features but everything to do with imagination, and a little Disney ® magic too!

Peter Pan’s Flight begins when riders board a pirate galleon ride vehicle that actually flies! Once safely onboard, Tinker Bell sprinkles her pixie dust on your vehicle and the next thing you know you’re being swooped up high above London in the moonlight and into scenes from the animated Peter Pan movie!

For two minutes and 45 seconds, riders will soar over the Darling’s nursery, through the London sky, which is illuminated by the Disney Imagineers with black lights and fiber optics, past Mermaid Lagoon and Skull Rock and through the epic battle between Captain Hook and Peter Pan. As you fly you’ll feel like a kid again and you’ll never want to grow up!

Due to Peter Pan’s Flight’s popularity, there are often long lines for the ride. Fortunately, Disney ® has redesigned much of the queue to be covered out of the hot Florida sun and offers plenty to look at while you wait. And if you want to jump right into the Peter Pan fantasy you can skip the queue all together and get a FastPass for the ride.

To celebrate Peter Pan’s 60th anniversary, look out for the updated Blu-Ray DVD release tomorrow, and catch the ride on your next trip to Magic Kingdom!