Inside the Ride

Primeval Whirl Walt Disney WorldImagine being able to combine you’re love for roller coasters with your fascination with dinosaurs all in one wild, prehistoric ride! Well now you can as you tack a spinning and sliding roller coaster adventure back to the prehistoric age of dinosaurs on Walt Disney World’s ® Primeval Whirl at Animal Kingdom ®!

Primeval Whirl, located in Dinoland U.S.A is a dinosaur-themed carnival-style attraction that takes riders on a spinning adventure to the age where dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Guests interested in traveling back in time will board a time-machine-styled contraption that was created by research scientists Esther, Fester, Nester and Lester. Once aboard the wacky vehicle, you’ll climb a ramp and pass through a four-ringed time portal before beginning a swinging decent into the age of dinosaurs.

But, as with most time machines something goes wrong and your trip back to the prehistoric age turns into a zany ride filled with sudden dips, hairpin turns and drops for the wildest trip you may ever experience! As your time-machine-style contraption takes you on an unexpected adventure you’ll pass cartoon-styled dinosaurs as they prepare for extinction from the shower of meteors, which is believed to have caused the extinction of the huge animal. After experiencing the meteors take out the dinosaurs guests will whirl past a fossilized jigsaw puzzle of dinosaur bones before finally leaving the past behind for good and returning to your Walt Disney World ® vacation.

Part of Primeval Whirl’s fun is the ride vehicles themselves. Instead of sitting forward the entire time, these vehicles spin in circles while traveling on a track so riders will get the feel of what it’s like to travel through the thousands of decades to get to the dinosaurs. Each car seats up to four riders so you can hold on tight to your friends and family as you spin through time.

After taking a twisting and turning prehistoric adventure through the ages check out Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama also located in Dinoland U.S.A. The dinosaur-decorated amusement park was created by Chester & Hester who turned their gas station into a fossil souvenir shop after a group of researchers bought the land after discovering rare Late Cretaceous fossils. Not to be outdone by the Dino Institute, Chester & Hester created their own dinosaur coaster, Primeval Whirl and added other attractions and games including Triceratop Spin. The area is also the perfect spot to let the kids discover their own prehistoric finds in the dig site.

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