Inside the Ride


Have you been to The World of Chima at LEGOLAND Florida yet? If not Orlando Fun Tickets suggests you take the time before school officially starts and explore this new area and it’s many interactive entertainment like The Quest for CHI ride. It’s easily the most popular attraction in the area and that’s thanks to its awesome landscapes, interactive water cannons, animals and mystical energy source the CHI! Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from this incredible adventure.

The quest begins when you enter the ride’s queue where you will first come in contact with a huge Lion head statue. This is the first indication that lions will play a huge part in the ride and your quest for the CHI. Once you pass the lion head and before you even step foot onto the ride you’ll get a taste of what’s to come when you get sprayed by water spurts! That’s because just pass the lion head to your right are two water cannons where guests can spray unsuspecting incoming guests as they wait to board. Don’t worry you’ll get your chance to get some folks wet too! But if you don’t want to get wet you can take cover behind one of the pillars as you walk along. After the water fight take a left and continue on to the ride’s entrance.  

After you pass the World of Chima’s new Speedorz arena, you’ll finally enter the inside queue where TV’s are playing Legends of Chima videos and more. There is even a Legends of Chima playset area for kids to enjoy while parents wait in line. The indoor queue will then lead you to the Temple where there are two more huge lion statues, and a Map of Chima. Passing that room, you’ll find the Sacred Pool of CHI and Lagravis, Laval’s Father. 

Here’s where you’ll finally enter the ride vehicle with Laval. As you ride along you’ll be introduced to all the Tribes of Chima including Craggar the Crocodile King, the ravens, the wolf tribesman and more. You’ll even get a little wet, again as spectators use water cannons to spray your vehicle. After the soaking, you’ll enter the Crocodile Swamp hideout. 

Inside you’ll find the recovered CHI and see how they’ve hung Cragger (who was trying to steal the CHI) up to dry. But this is not a dry area by any means. Inside the Croc Swamp, guests can once again shoot other guests as their ride vehicles approach! 

After you dry off from the ride, you can go to Splash Zone area and continue the water fight with the water cannons. Not interested in soaking others? Then head outside and get your picture taken with Cragger’s sister, Croole and even Laval by the Bazaar. Then go shopping at Razar’s Bazaar where you can find all things Legends of CHIMA.