Inside the Ride

Rescue Academy at LEGOLAND FloridaIf you’ve ever been curious about what it would be like to stop a burning building from going up in flames and crumbling to the ground, LEGOLAND Florida is giving you a chance to find out what with their interactive attraction, Rescue Academy.

In this unique attraction, guests will do more than just sit and watch, they’ll actually get involved in the fun, running back and forth and using their strength and endurance to work together to help put out a fire. Rescue Academy is unlike any ride or attraction you’ve ever experienced and a great way to bond with your friends and family.

Here’s how it works:

Participants board life-sized toy fire trucks and pump a handle to propel the vehicle a dozen yards toward a two-story building that is engulfed in “flames” (don’t worry the flames are just painted on the building). After you reach the building you’ll jump out of the vehicle and two of the members of your party will pump another handle that releases water (yes, real water) while the other two riders aim the water hose at overhead targets trying to knock them down. Once you’ve hit all of your targets and put out the “fire” you’ll re-enter your vehicle and pump your way back to the starting point in hopes of beating out the other three fire rescuers. If you win there’s no prize but you’ll have excellent bragging points that’s sure to be a great family memory!

If you are the competitive type and want to ensure you win make sure you have some physically fit members on your truck as Rescue Academy is not for the weak! You’ll need some great arm strength to pump your way to the burning building and back and excellent cardio to keep up with all of the running and lifting you’ll be doing!

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