Inside the Ride

Scorpian Busch Gardens Tampa BayWhether you are a roller coaster connoisseur or a novice when it comes to the excitement of steel looping tracks, one thing is for sure; the Scorpion roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay can both satisfy thrill seekers need for speed and make a non-coaster lover a believer. Plus, its roots helped make Busch Gardens Tampa Bay the thrill park we know and love today.

Following the success of the park’s Python coaster in 1977, Busch Gardens decided to add a new coaster in the new Timbuktu area. Enter Scorpion. With the help of world-renowned thrill ride builder Anton Schwarzkopf, who made the ride a bit longer than the Python and added a vertical loop in place of Python’s double corkscrew; the placement of the ride next to Das Festhaus (now Desert Grille) and its ad campaign that stated the coaster was the “newest, greatest thrill ride seen in Central Florida” the scorpion was well on its way to being an instant hit, and still is after more than 30 years.

One of only three roller coasters of its kind remaining in the world today, Scorpion is just as unique as it is thrilling. Though not as large as some of Busch Gardens’ other coasters, Scorpion still packs a punch, or sting rather, when it comes to intensity. With a smooth track, speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, a 360-degree vertical loop and 3.5 G’s of force (that’s three times the force of gravity) Scorpion is easy to love.

Aside from its vertical loop and 3G’s, one of the more unique features about Scorpion is its proximity to the ground. As you fly through the ride, you will at times feel like you’re going to smash into the ground, but just before hitting, you’re whisked back up.

The purpose of the ride is to replicate what it’s like to be a scorpion racing through the desert that’s where the speeds of up to 50 miles per hour come in. And the 360-degree vertical loop and 3Gs of force that send you spiraling forward will make you better understand what the sting of a scorpion feels like!

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