Inside the Ride


Imagine stepping inside 362,000 gallons of saltwater and swimming with some of the world’s most tropical fish. Well you don’t have to imagine, or be on a tropical vacation to experience the beauty of the sea. Instead you just need a ticket to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ®!

There’s certainly much to explore at this Disney ® water park. Thrill rides, slides and adventures make up most of the park but there is a place where you can relax and snorkel amongst the creatures of the water. It’s called Shark Tank and its fantastic. Whether you feel like gliding around the 68-degree waters or diving down 10-feet below the surface you’ll come face-to-face with some pretty incredible sea life like leopard and bonnethead sharks, stingrays, schools of blue tangs and many more aquatic creatures in the tank’s simulated coral reef.

If you decide to swim with the fishes, you will be handed a facemask, snorkel and life vest at Dive Shop before being escorted around the reef and along a rock cliff wall. Before diving into the water, a cast member instructs you on how to use the mask and snorkel. There is no age limit or height requirement to participate in the snorkeling adventure but since you are not allowed to kick your feet in the water, Typhoon Lagoon suggests guests should be strong swimmers or that they grab a life jacket before hitting the water.

Once you have your equipment and have learned the rules of the water you are given a 15-minute swim to explore the coral reef. You’ll be asked to not stop but to continue swimming towards the stairs on the other side as you take in the over 4,000 fish. Once you reach the end of the adventure you can rinse off in a shower and then continue down the path to return your masks and life jackets at the Dive Shop. While there, make sure you ask a Disney ® Cast Member for a certificate that proves you survived swimming with the Sharks at Typhoon Lagoon’s Shark Tank.

And for those who prefer to stay on dry land, there is an overturned sunken tanker that offers viewing portholes so you can see the underwater fun without getting wet.

The Shark Tank and all of its snorkeling equipment is included in regular Typhoon Lagoon admission. If you’d like even more interaction with the sea and its animals you can snorkel in a special area. All you have to do is visit Hammer Head Fred’s Dive Shop and ask about the SAS (Supplied-Air Snorkeling) system. This system is available at an additional charge.

For a chance to take a break from Typhoon Lagoon’s many thrill rides and swim with tropical fish in Shark Tank look for discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.