Inside the Ride

Storm Force Acceleration Islands of AdventureThere is a storm brewing at Islands of Adventure and it’s packing more strength, wind and power than anything you’ve ever witnessed before. It’s Storm Force Acceleration and one of the most destructive rides at the Orlando theme park!

Inspired by the character Storm from the Marvel comics and X-Men films, Storm Force Acceleration brings to life the powerful female character and showcases her incredible power to manipulate the weather. In this ride, Storm can be seen using all of her power to get rid of the mutant mastermind Magneto, who has returned to the park to destroy the X-Men and anybody that gets in his evil path. But as strong and powerful as Storm is, she needs a little extra oomph to take down the evil Magneto. That’s where you come in.

Knowing that Storm may need some backup, X-Men’s leader Professor Xavier has enlisted your help to bring down Magneto. Riders will board Professor Xavier’s, the Acceleration (which essentially look like teacup pods) and use it to help amplify Storm’s incredible powers. To do so, guests will grab onto the wheel in the center of the ride vehicle and try their hardest to turn the wheel to create the right amount of energy for Storm. In doing so you’ll begin a dizzying ride that will take you spinning, whirling and twirling faster and faster until your arms are sore and you’ve created enough energy for Storm to defeat Magneto. You know when you’re doing a good job when lightening flashes and thunder roars above you from Storm herself. At the end, Professor Xavier and Storm thank you for helping them defeat Magneto and you leave with a sense of accomplishment that only the X-Men can feel!

Perfect for families with small children, Storm Force Acceleration offers just enough thrill to keep guests entertained throughout but won’t be too scary or intense for younger riders. And because of that, this unique ride usually gets busy fast and it is one of the few attractions at Islands of Adventure that is covered so it’s a spot to chill during the hot summer months. Plus, there is no height restriction so riders of any age can take a spin on Storm Force Acceleration. Storm Force Acceleration is located on Marvel Super Hero Island right next to the Incredible Hulk roller coaster.

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