Inside the Ride

Hall of PresidentsThere is no better way to celebrate Election Day then with a show that highlights all of America’s past and present presidents at the Disney ® stage classic Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World ®. Come celebrate our history’s past and watch as all 43 U.S. President’s gather on stage for a show that swells with patriotism.

Located in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom ®, The Hall of Presidents is one of the original attractions that was in place when the park opened in 1971. Using film footage and Audio-Animatronics The Hall of Presidents illuminates our country’s origins and brings all 43 Presidents to the stage for the first time in history!

The show begins with a film presentation of the history of the United States of America. It shows how America has overcome conflict and long years of struggle. The film also celebrates the liberties of the American people, The United States Constitution, and the progress of America in its early years. Using paintings from the era, the film reenacts the Philadelphia Convention before surging ahead to the time of Abraham Lincoln.

The Lincoln portion of the film recalls the Civil War and even has Lincoln’s audio-animatronic reciting the Gettysburg Address.

The film then offers a call of action to future Presidents, saying that the leaders of tomorrow have to be committed to the Constitution and its principles in order for the country to survive. The show then shifts to show footage of the first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia and the screen lifts to reveal audio-animatronics of the U.S. Presidents. Each president is then named in chronological order of their presidency and responds with a nod, wave or other sign of acknowledgement.

At the time it opened, the roll call ended with Richard Nixon and today, thanks to changes made in 2009, President Barack Obama now appears onstage delivering the Presidential Oath. Those 2009 changes also gave President George Washington a new speaking role and added an entirely new score composed and conducted by Emmy winner Joel McNeely.

In addition to the changes in the show, guests can now see new displays in the Rotunda pre-show area, including painted Easter eggs from a White House egg hunt on loan from the Reagan Library, George W. Bush's inaugural cowboy boots and dresses of former first ladies.

So will The Hall of Presidents remain the same after tomorrow night or will there be a new Mitt Romney audio-animatronic in the coming years? We’ll just have to wait and see after the 2012 Presidential Election. In the meantime, you can catch the truly patriotic attraction with discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.