Inside the Ride


Deep inside Islands of Adventure sits a magical water fountain carved of ancient stone that is rumored to sit upon a water spirit that sprays water high into the sky but also breathes, speaks and even splashes unsuspecting onlookers. It’s called The Mystic Fountain and it’s downright mischievous!

Located in The Lost Continent directly in front of the entrance to the Sinbad Stunt Show Stadium, The Mystic Fountain is an ancient fountain that holds a secret – an enchanted spirit lives inside and its waiting to tease and play with passersby, especially innocent children. When awakened, the fountain plays music, games and tells riddles and jokes. But he doesn’t just tell them to amuse the guests walking by. He wants you to answer them and answer them correctly. If you don’t there’s a chance he might erupt and give you some of his wet wisdom.

Passersby can awaken the fountain by throwing coins into it. And even if it’s not awake and you stand too close the Mystic Fountain you’re likely to experience a nice cool splash or squirt of water. On a hot summer day a spray by Mystic Fountain is quite welcome and you may find yourself answering all of its jokes and riddles wrong just so you can get a cool splash. But if you’re not in the mood to ring out your clothes make sure you bone up on your riddles and jokes so you answer them properly, and don’t get too near the fountain!

And while it may be more fun to imagine the Mystic Fountain is filled with a talking, joking spirit from beyond, in reality an Islands of Adventure cast member is the one behind the jokes and controls. You can’t see him but he can see you. And when he does he’s likely to crack a joke, splash water or start a riddle to anybody that passes by. He even answers questions if asked, so go ahead and ask him a question!

After you cool off at the Mystic Fountain you can continue your enchanted voyage with the incredible stunt show The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad. In this awesome stunt show, Sinbad and his sidekick Kabob attempt to rescue Princes Amoura from the evil witch Miseria. In doing so you’ll witness exciting battles, explosive pyrotechnics, death-defying stunts and gorgeous choreography.

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