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In May LEGOLAND Florida welcomed its newest LEGO-filled attraction, Fresh From Florida Greenhouse and since then it has become one of the coolest spots for kids to explore and one of the most detailed you’ll find throughout the park.

Fresh from Florida Greenhouse is a fun, interactive and educational tribute to Florida agricultural. And in keeping with LEGOLAND Florida’s theme of recreating real life places and people out of bricks, Fresh from Florida Greenhouse features some pretty spot-on farming scenes, fruits and vegetables and interactive fun to make you feel like you’re actually on the farm. And the detail is incredible!

You’ll get a taste of the detail before you even enter the attraction with a LEGO woodpecker and a bunny in the actual farming crops. There is also a LEGO farmer working on a tractor that looks incredibly cool for pictures with the kids! Once inside, you’ll be bombarded with farm and agricultural scenes like river rapids, a working water mill, zip lining, rock climbing, cliff diving, farming and even a LEGO rooster with an alarm to jolt you out of your daze! There are also moving elements like a truck driving around in the scenery and mice that run in the rafters.

For the kids who like to put their hands on everything steer them over to the cow for a “milking” where they can see what it’s like to really milk a cow. Then let them put their hand in a barrel to feel some seeds and guess what sort of plant seeds they are. If you guess the correct answer, a LEGO mouse pops up with a sign that reads, “Correct!” And of course you can’t have a Florida Greenhouse attraction without featuring the crop Florida is best known for, oranges! There are also shelves of LEGO watermelons, bananas, apples and tomatoes that look so real there is a sign that warns against eating any of the fruit.

In a tribute to the former Cypress Gardens theme park where LEGOLAND Florida now resides, the theme park has added some LEGO butterflies to the greenhouse. The greenhouse used to be a butterfly garden in Cypress Gardens.

The person with the sharp eye in your group will love catching the little things including the bits of humor sprinkled throughout the greenhouse like the bee keeper who has a bee trapped inside his mask and a desperate look on his face. There is also a cliff diver by the waterfalls and those mice in the rafters I mentioned, takes a keen eye to spot them!

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