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Learn to Draw at Hollywood Studios and DisneyQuestYou might not think of Walt Disney World ® as a place to expand on your drawing skills. With all of the thrill rides, live shows and attractions, it’s hard to think of the Orlando theme park as anything other than, well a theme park. But if you think about it, Walt Disney World ® is the perfect place to sharpen your art skills. With all of the incredible animation that goes in to just about everything Disney ® does, why wouldn’t you be able to learn how to draw at the park? Well you can with not one but two unique attractions that take you behind-the-scenes and teach you the ways of Disney ® animators – the Magic of Disney Animation at Hollywood Studios ® and Animation Academy inside DisneyQuest ® at Downtown Disney ®.

The Magic of Disney Animation gives guests an in-depth look at what goes in to developing characters for their films. During the 20-monute show you’ll be able to see an actual artist’s studio and their artwork from a current film. You’ll even be able to see how Disney ® animators brought to life those classic characters from “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King” and more. Once you’ve watched the animators draw, it’s your turn to sharpen your skills.

If you choose to test out your drawing skills, you’ll be taken to the Animation Academy where an instructor will show you how easy it is to create a Disney ® character using just a piece of paper and a pencil. That’s right, just a piece of paper and a pencil, there are no erasers available but that’s ok, the instructor will teach you everything you need to know like how using simple shapes allows you to create any character effortlessly. After you’ve sketched out the image with just a pencil, you’ll be able to add a little life to it with the use of colored pencils. Voila!

The Animation Academy at DisneyQuest ® at Downtown Disney ® is a similar drawing experience, where guests are teamed up with real Disney ® animators to learn how to draw a Disney ® character, often that character is Mickey Mouse. Afterward, guests can take their masterpiece home to show off to their friends and family for $5 or a package that includes the drawing and a pin for $12.

If you’re a budding artist or just want to learn how to draw the perfect Mickey Mouse look for discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. Choose the Water Park Fun and More Option to visit DisneyQuest ®. And maybe you’ll become the next great Disney ® animator!