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OFT_L_Universal_Levitator_Trick_6-7-13 How would you like to impress your friends by lifting a card off a table and make it spin around in circles without touching it? What about opening up your wallet to pay and having flames come bursting out of it? Or how about tossing a spot of light back and forth between your hands? Well you can see and do all of this at the magic Show at the Magic Shop at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure!

Not only will you get to witness these incredible magic tracks first hand, but afterwards you can learn how to perform each one and more with one of Magic Shops many trick DVD’s. Here are just a few of our favorite tricks we’ve learned from the Magic Shop at Islands of Adventure:

The Levitator – This trick is exactly how it sounds. Watch as a magician levitates an object like a card, pen, credit card, coin or any piece of material and lifts it off a surface, spins it around his or her body, lowers it up and down and pretty much does anything with it while never placing a finger on the object! It’s incredible to watch and even more fun to try!

Fire Wallet –This awesome trick will set your wallet on fire every time you open it. Imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you go to pay and your wallet bursts into flames! And here’s the best part, while your wallet produces fire every time you open it, once you close it there is no damage to it or whatever is inside!

Wonder Light – Perhaps our favorite trick in the shop is the Wonder Light. With this you can grab a piece of light from anywhere and play with it. That’s right you can take a ball of light and toss it back and forth with your hand and even blow it out. You can also make this light appear anywhere, it doesn’t have to be from a lamp or flashlight. Here’s an example of what you can do with this trick: Take a dollar bill, fold it in a cone and use your magic to light it then grab the ball of light and toss it around.

Svengali Deck - The Svengali is a classic magician card trick that will wow any audience. With the Svengali Deck, you have somebody pick a card form the deck and return it pack into the pack. The deck is then shuffled, cut as many times as you want and every time you or the magician will pull the card that was selected!

For the chance to see or learn any of the above-mentioned magic tricks make sure you stop by the Magic Shop at Islands of Adventure with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.