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Monsters University Monorail at Disney WorldWalt Disney World’s ® monorail systems have been taken over by monsters. That’s right since April 24, the teal-striped monorail has displayed monsters from the Disney/Pixar “Monsters University” franchise in its windows in anticipation of the movie coming out June 21.

Affectionately known as the “Monsterail” this new monorail can be seen escorting guests to and from Magic Kingdom ® and Epcot ® with Mike, Sulley and a few of the other students from Monsters University appearing in the windows. The monsters are showing some school love as they hold banners and pennants in support of their monstrous fraternities and sororities. The rear of the monorail features a blue “MU” college-letter style logo. 

If you somehow don’t catch the “Mosnterail” you might find yourself flying high in the sky with Iron Man. An Iron Man monorail has also been spotted sailing through the park since March promoting the May 3 premiere of “Iron Man 3.” Unlike the “Monsters University” monorail, the Iron Man design completely takes over the normal monorail look. The black striped monorail has been transformed with a dark red and gold motif with the Iron Man suit in flight at the front of the vehicle and sidekick War Machine heading up the back.

This isn’t the first time one of Disney’s ® monorails have been taken over by one of the company’s many movies. In fact, in 2011 Disney ® debuted the “Tronorail” for the premiere of the movie Tron, and last year they dolled up a different monorail to promote “The Avengers.” But it is, however the first time that two different themed monorails have run on the Walt Disney World ® Monorail System at the same time and we’re sure it’s not the last time. Now that Disney ® has acquired Marvel there’s a chance we’ll see a lot more monorail promotions popping up in the Disney ® sky.

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And remember, if you miss the ”Monsterail” or just can’t wait until the new “Monsters University” movie comes out on June 21 you can always get your “Monsters Inc.” fix at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom ® and see Mike Wazowski, Sam and Ella and Buddy Boil make the audience laugh!