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New Fantasyland Announced: Rendering of Under the Seas: Journey of the Little Mermaid

With the busy summer months just weeks away, Walt Disney World ® is making sure their new Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom ® is ready for the summer crowds, or at least some of it anyway. The Orlando theme park recently announced more opening dates for the area’s attractions, restaurants and rides and you might be happy to know they’ll be here just in time for summer vacation.

Beginning July 2 guests to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom ® will be able to experience the next phase of Storybook Circus, which includes the second half of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station. Just over two months ago, the popular ride underwent its first renovations, which included a new color palette and some additions to the rides décor including golden storks and a ring of elephants representing Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo’s mother from the 1941 film placed on top. The ride vehicles also received a little sprucing up with the underside of the elephants’ ears and feet accented in pink and the elephants themselves were painted a lighter gray.

But it’s the addition of the second Dumbo that will fly side-by-side in a “dueling Dumbo” - like fashion that guests will really be excited to try this summer. The new Dumbo the Flying Elephant will also have a new indoor interactive queue.

In addition to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, summer guests will also be able to enjoy attractions and restaurants based on some of Disney’s ® classic movies including The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

The new Dumbo ride is just one of the many attractions expected to enhance the new Fantasyland. In the coming months guests will also be able to travel under the sea with one of Disney’s ® most beloved princesses in the Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, a seaside grotto beneath the castle of Prince Eric. Here guests will and experience Ariel’s underwater world where she and her friends will take you on a journey filled with songs from the hit animated movie.

And for Beauty and the Beast fans, you’ll get your chance to experience all things Belle as the new Fantasyland attraction Enchanted Tales with Belle takes you on a trip through some of the famed areas from the movie including Maurice’s workshop and Beast’s library. The Be Our Guest Restaurant planned for this area will even allow guests to dine in the ballroom, gallery and forbidden “West Wing” area of Beast’s castle.

Here’s the Timeline:

July 2012  

-Second Dumbo and interactive queue

-Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak Station

Opening in time for the holidays 2012  

-Under the Seas: Journey of The Little Mermaid

-Be Our Guest Restaurant

-Enchanted Tales with Belle

-Ariel’s Grotto

-Gaston’s Tavern

And Beyond?

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Stay tuned for Fantasyland updates and opening dates. In the meantime you can explore Walt Disney World’s ® newest area this July with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.