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Two of Central Florida’s biggest theme parks are celebrating new life this August with the addition of three new lion cubs at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and a baby giraffe at Walt Disney World’s ® Animal Kingdom. Let’s take a closer look at how the new animals are adjusting to life at the park and what names were picked for the babies.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay recently welcomed three lion cubs into their Animal Kingdom, one male, two females (who are unrelated to the females). The lion cubs have genetic lines from the Kalahari and Kruger regions of South Africa. These regions are typically home to larger sized lions and males who boast impressive manes. If you haven’t had a chance to see the newest babies to the park you can identify them easiest by their size, the two smaller cubs are the sisters, while the slightly larger cub is the male. Park officials have said that the male cub will be the park’s largest lion, weighing in at 500 pounds.

In an effort to get their fans involved in the newest additions, Busch Gardens asked their Facebook fans to help them name the two lion cub sisters. After a week-long poll 6,000 people voted to name the cub sisters Shaba, meaning “brazen” and Shtuko, meaning “twitch.” The male cub was named Kembe, by the team of animal care specialists that train and care for the cubs.

Visitors to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay can now see the cubs playing, running, chasing and stalking each other at the park’s “Lion and Hyena” Edge of Africa exhibit at various times throughout the day.

Meanwhile at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ® a Massi giraffe gave birth to a baby giraffe in July. Just like the lion cubs at Busch Gardens, Disney ® gave guests the opportunity to name it’s newest animal. The most popular name chosen was Mosi. Mosi means first, which is very appropriate since the giraffe is the first ever Massai giraffe born at Animal Kingdom ®. Other names included Baraka, meaning blessing; Knodo, meaning battle; Baridi, meaning frost; Shingo, meaning long neck and Asani, meaning rebellious.

You can now find Mosi roaming the Kilimanjaro Safari with the rest of the Masai giraffes and other animals on a regular basis.

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