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Fantasyland Enchanted ForestThe walls are finally down and Walt Disney World ® is happy to let guests meet some of their favorite Disney ® characters, experience popular scenes and meander through familiar settings during the soft opening of the Enchanted Forest area of the Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom ® TODAY. And there is so much to take in!

Enchanted Forest immerses guests in the stories of Disney’s ® hit animated films, “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid,” by allowing visitors to walk through familiar landscapes, castles, waterfalls, taverns and more. Guests can now see the stunning entrance to Be Our Guest Restaurant, Bonjour Village Gifts, and Enchanted Tales with Belle, while also getting to ride Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid! But it’s Gaston’s Tavern that seems to be turning the most people’s heads so far.

Disney ® recently released a ton of images from inside Gaston’s Tavern and around Belle’s Village and the attention to detail is absolutely incredible. Guests can now marvel at the enormous statue of Gaston holding two barrels of brew while Lefou scrambles to catch the liquid falling out of one of the barrels outside of the entrance to the tavern. Inside the tavern the walls are lined with the many animals Gaston has hunted including boar and bear heads! His bow and arrow is also proudly displayed on a wall and a stunning antler chandelier hangs high above the tavern. On another wall a dartboard with a game between Gaston and Lefou hangs. Can you guess who is winning? But perhaps the most visually stunning decoration within the tavern is a giant portrait of the self-loving and muscular Gaston holding a musket and smiling his enormous, toothy smile. The portrait is surrounded by several different antlers and enough candles to illuminate the portrait for all to see.

After taking in all of the intricate details of the tavern make sure you enjoy some of the unique food offerings available. Up until recently we only new of two menu options - LeFou’s Brew, a no sugar-added frozen apple with flavors of toasted marshmallow and topped off with a generous amount of passion-fruit-mango foam, and the warm cinnamon buns. Now it seems the establishment will offer a pork shank, chocolate croissant, mixed fruit, sliced apples with caramel sauce, mixed vegetable cup with dip and hummus and chips.

Official previews of Enchanted Forest begin on November 19 2012, with the grand opening on December 6 2012. Stay tuned for more details on the grand opening of Enchanted Forest, including more news on the “Little Mermaid” area. In the meantime make sure you take a walk through the new Enchanted Forest now to be transported through one of your favorite Disney ® films.

Orlando, FL 10-12-12