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Transformers Ride Universal Orlando

After months of speculation and rumors, Universal Orlando has finally confirmed that it will debut the popular Transformers: The Ride – 3D at the Orlando theme park in the summer of 2013.

The announcement came Thursday night as in-park guests watched the nightly outdoor light, water and film show - Cinematic Spectacular Lagoon Show. The show was interrupted by the voice of Optimus Prime from the “Transformers” movie series, announcing that a “battle is coming to Orlando.” Optimus Prime and Bumblebee then stood out in front of Universal Studios, where they met with media and mingled with guests.

This isn’t the first time “Transformers” has come to a Universal park. "Transformers: The Ride — 3D" opened in May at Universal Studios Hollywood and in December 2011 at Universal Studios Singapore.

"TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D is the perfect addition to Universal Orlando's thrilling theme park experiences," Mark Woodbury, president of Universal Creative, said in a news release. "The ride has already proven to be a hit at our Hollywood and Singapore parks, and we're excited that Universal Orlando guests will soon be able to join the Autobots in the fight to save the world."

And if you’re wondering how authentic the ride will feel it should feel pretty much like the movies as “Transformers” director Michael Bay worked as a creative consultant on the ride, and the movie’s actors will provide voice talent as well. But riders will get to experience a story line not found in any of the three “Transformers” films.

"You travel this great journey with these characters in the middle of this epic battle that takes place in city streets," said Woodbury.

Riders will take a 12-person vehicle designed to look like a new transformer named Evac, who goes on a high-intensity chase from the headquarters of the top-secret NEST agency. Guests will fly through city streets, skim across rooftops and even scour inside an office building all on the hunt for a missing shard of the AllSpark, the powerful Transformers artifact.

The action will take place in 3D and will be projected on 14 screens that offer real-world sets that ride vehicles move into and past.

The Orlando theme park has said that the ride will take about a year to complete, making it one of the shortest build times in Universal history.

News of a new Transformers ride is just the latest in a long list of changes and additions the Orlando theme park has undergone in their “2012 Year To Be Here” campaign. And with just one month left in the year we can’t help but wonder if there will be any more surprise announcements! Stay tuned for more details on Transformers: The Ride – 3D. In the meantime you can enjoy the rest of Universal Orlando’s fun including Grinchmas at Islands of Adventure and The Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios with discounted tickets right here on Orlando fun Tickets.