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Avatar LandDisney’s ® Animal Kingdom has been popping up all over Walt Disney World ® blogs lately as the animal-based park begins to undergo some big changes for the new Avatar Land coming next year. One huge part of the addition is the removal of one of the smallest areas in the park, Camp Minnie-Mickey.

When you add an area based on one of the highest grossing movies of all time to your park, there’s a chance you’ll have to eliminate some ride, show or attraction to make room for it. In the case of Avatar Land, Disney ® isn’t just removing one thing, they’re removing an entire area. It’s happy trails for Camp Minnie-Mickey, as the piece of land, which has been rumored for months to be getting the axe, will indeed be transformed into the blue world of Avatars. But wait, Festival of the Lion King is located in Camp Minnie-Mickey! Does that mean it’s closing too? Absolutely not! The popular production won’t be shutting its doors but it will be moving to Africa, a more suitable area for the show; don’t you think?

After months of rumors about whether the building that houses Festival of the Lion King would be moved along with the show or not we can safely say that the theater will in fact be moved. According to paperwork filed with the Florida water district management agency, the Festival of the Lion King Theater will move along with the show to a new plot of land in the Africa area of the park. It will be located to your left as you cross over the bridge, behind the Tusker House restaurant.

Now the biggest question that remains is if Disney ® will close the show before moving the building and infrastructure to its new location. This seems the most likely plan, as there isn’t a backup space to host the show during the building’s move.  If this is the case, guests may have to wait 3 to 5 months before being able to “work on their roar” with Simba and crew. But its looking like the move and the new Avatar Land will be well worth the wait.

Stay tuned for more Avatar Land and Festival of the Lion King details. In the meantime, make sure you sing “Happy Trails” to Camp Minnie-Mickey before it closes for good, and watch one more Festival of the Lion King show at its current location before its move to the Serengeti with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.