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Pets Ahoy at SeaWorld Orlando

What are a dozen dogs, a dozen-plus cats, an assortment of ducks, doves, parrots and a pot-bellied pig doing at SeaWorld Orlando? They’re performing in the hilarious, live animal show Pets Ahoy! at SeaWorld Orlando.

Domesticated animals may be the last thing you expect to see at SeaWorld Orlando, but that doesn’t mean the aquatic theme park doesn’t love training and playing with these four-legged creatures too. And just like they do with orca whales, seals, seal lions and walruses, SeaWorld Orlando animal trainers show off their training skills incredible stunts and tricks you won’t believe are being performed by an animal!

In Pets Ahoy!, humans are second-string. They simply hold objects for the animals to leap over or to help with a jump-rope trick. But despite their lack of involvement, they can still give some of the animals a run for their money! One dog follows its trainer’s complicated directions of going to a pay phone and calling a girl for a date, visiting an ATM, buying flowers, running to his vehicle and driving to her house.

Most of the other stunts and tricks are one-note and done more as gags in rapid succession accompanied with funny special effect noises. Here’s an example of what we mean: a cat runs up a rope, a dog hits a lever to reveal a funny sign, another cat leaps from window to window, another dog dashes out of a hot-dog stand, a black and a white cat who jump into a stack of tires, then black-and-white cats jump out. Throw in a rat, doves, geese, a skunk and that pot-bellied pig and you have one fun-loving show you won’t forget.

Keeping in line with SeaWorld’s conservation efforts, many of the animals you see in Pets Ahoy! have been rescued from local animal shelters by SeaWorld. From the very beginning of the show, trainers let the audience know that the animals were adopted and guests will even watch a short-filmed message about the animals and their shelters before the show begins.

For your chance to see dogs, cats, ducks, doves and a pot-bellied pig perform hilarious stunts and tricks on your next SeaWorld Orlando trip, make sure you check out Pet’s Ahoy! with discounted tickets to SeaWorld right here on Orlando Fun Tickets. And if you’re planning a trip this weekend don’t miss the waves of holiday fun at SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration. Beginning Nov. 17 through December 31 the Orlando theme park will be turned into a wintery wonderland filled with holiday shows and attractions, ice skaters, glowing Christmas trees and even Santa himself. SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration is included in regular theme park admission.

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