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Last month, guests to Walt Disney World ® got to take a peak behind some of the construction walls of the new Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom ® and what they saw was enchanting! During the two-week preview, guests were periodically let behind the construction walls for a glimpse at the new Enchanted Tales with Belle. With the idea to completely immerse guests into the world of “Beauty and the Beast,” Enchanted Tales with Belle let guests explore Maurice’s Cottage, meet the popular “Beauty and the Beast” characters Madame Wardrobe and Lumiere and engage in a storytelling activity with Belle herself. And just like every preview, Disney ® needed its fans to help sort out some of the kinks.

Disney ® isn’t quite comfortable calling Enchanted Tales with Belle an attraction, or a ride, or a show, or even a meet-and-greet opportunity. It’s something entirely different, which is why Walt Disney World ® guests were allowed to see it early, so designers and operators could get the proper feedback in order to make any changes they may need to before it debuts in December.

And so far the feedback has been complimentary. Guests were more than impressed with the detail in Maurice’s cottage and the spot on audio-animatronics of Madame Wardrobe and Lumiere as well as the other lifelike “Beauty and the Beast” characters Disney ® has created within the “attraction.” So what exactly can you expect from Enchanted Tales with Belle? Here’s what we know so far.

Your “Beauty and the Beast” journey begins at Maurice’s Cottage, where you’ll walk through the whimsical garden and find inventions created by Belle and her father, Maurice. Inside the Cottage, you’ll find books, pictures and other items that let you know you are inside Bell and Maurice’s home, including gadgets and artifacts from experiments gone wrong. There is also a mirror that magically puts guests right in Beast’s Castle!

Once you enter Beast’s Castle through the magic portal you’re immediately greeted by an audio-animatronic Madame Wardrobe who invites everybody to help retell the story of Belle and Beast’s first meeting. If you’re chosen to help tell the love story, Lumiere will welcome the group into Beast’s expansive library, where you’ll surprise Belle by acting out the “tale as old as time.”

Enchanted Tales with Belle will open in preview phase Nov. 19, with a grand opening on Dec. 6. If you’re planning a trip to see the completed Enchanted Tales with Belle look for discounted tickets to Magic Kingdom right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.