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OFT_L_Mythbusters_Exhibit_Mosi_Tampa_2-18-14 Can you pull a tablecloth out from under a full table set with dishes and not break anything? Could the big, bad wolf really blow down a house of bricks with a huff and a puff? Ignite your curiosity and find out if some of the biggest myths are just that when MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition comes to Tampa, Fla. for its debut at the Museum of Science and Industry February 7 through May 9, 2014. Based off the wildly-popular Discovery Channel show “MythBusters,” this touring exhibit allows visitors to test these and many more wild hypotheses via live demonstrations and hands-on experiments to discover what the real truths are behind the world’s most popular myths.

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition combines science with curiosity as guests use the same methods of the Emmy-nominated series to debunk or confirm legendary myths. The MythBusters Blueprint Room sets the stage for the interactive fun to come, as a replica of the show's set acts as a gallery to house more than 60 artifacts from the over 700 experiments done on the real show, including Buster, the MythBusters' infamous stunt dummy. Hosts of the show Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman also introduce themselves via video and give you your first lessons on experimentation before sending you off to put these tips to use.

After this unique introduction, guests are welcomed to the place where the real action happens – the MythBusters Workshop. Here, you will get to be hands-on and let each myth come to life as you test over a dozen myths, some of which expand on topics tested on the show itself. Have you ever wondered if you get wetter running or walking through a rainstorm? Prepare to get rained on as you test the theory for yourself! Want to stay out of the elements and test something more practical? See if a piece of toast always falls butter-side down, or if you could really dodge a bullet like they do in the movies in an exhibit with a motion sensor-detected device. Ever wondered how actors hang in a delicate balance from a cliff by their fingertips? Try it out for yourself - without the thousand-foot drop, of course!

Once you have finished the hands-on portion of the exhibit, head to a 10-minute live demonstration where MOSI Interactors test human reaction time and momentum. Audience participation is encouraged here too, so don't be surprised if you're pulled up to don protective gear to test your reaction to a paintball gun or buzzer, or see firsthand the different forces of a car crashing into another head-on vs. into a wall.

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition makes science come to life in new and unexpected ways. The hands-on activities are sure to peak the curiosity of both young and old; after all, who wouldn't want to find out how long it would take them to change into a superhero costume in a phone booth, or put your motor skills to test to see if you could drive through an obstacle course blindfolded with only verbal direction video-game style?

The opportunity for you to be a MythBuster awaits at MOSI - but don't wait, as this special exhibit won't be around for long!