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Big Thunder Mountain

The new Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World’s ® Magic Kingdom ® may be the only thing Disney ® can talk about these days as we quickly approach some of the rides, shows and attractions debut on Dec. 6. But Fantasyland isn’t the only area in Magic Kingdom ® that has put up construction walls in the past year.

In January, Frontierland shut down the popular roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain for some much needed renovations. Five months of chugging its way through refurbishments and Big Thunder Mountain made it’s way back to its rightful spot as one of Disney’s ® most exciting rides with a smoother track, new paint job and new roofing. But that was just the start of the explosive changes Disney ® had in store for Big Thunder Mountain. Disney ® Imagineers announced last month that a new interactive queue was also coming to the coaster and the result is sure to be dynamite!

The change to Big Thunder Mountain’s queue is just another part of Disney ® ensuring that guests have a magical time no matter what they’re doing in the park, including waiting in long lines. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the Haunted Mansion and Dumbo the Flying Elephant in the new Storybook Circus in Fantasyland all have undergone queue changes which ultimately immerse guests in the story of the attraction while they wait to get on the ride.

So what exactly can we expect from this new interactive queue? Well, other than putting riders right into the middle of the story of the Big Thunder Mining Company we’re not quite sure yet. Disney ® has not released any details of the enhancements but if it’s anything like the other queue changes Disney ® has made throughout the park guests can expect interactive games, play areas and automated visuals that are designed to help ease the wait of the line.

Stay tuned for more details on Big Thunder Mountain’s new interactive queue and it’s expected opening date. In the meantime you can enjoy a now smoother and more vibrant ride through the Wild West with discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.

And as we head into the holidays make sure you get into the holiday spirit with Disney’s ® annual Christmas event Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party beginning Nov. 9. Then in December head back to the park for the new Fantasyland grand opening on Dec. 6. Stay tuned for more details on both events.