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American Idol Hollywood Studios

You may never imagine a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios ® could turn into your fifteen minutes of fame; but at the Orlando theme park’s American Idol Experience, you can become a star and even get the chance to appear on the American Idol TV show! All you have to do is show off your singing talents and if you’re chosen you’ll be on your way to Hollywood!

Just in time for the return of American Idol on Jan. 16, guests to Hollywood Studios ® will now get the chance to put their singing skills to the test in this incredible attraction. And just like in the real show, you’ll have to go through an audition process that will put you center stage as you belt out your favorite song in front of judges on several separate occasions. The first audition comes when you show off your style, intonation and pitch during an a capella performance. If your voice wows the judges during this initial audition, you’ll proceed to the next round where you’ll choose a song from a list of pop favorites, classics and Disney songs for a backstage “karaoke” – style performance. If you’re chosen for the next round, this will be the song you will sing in front of a live audience!

If your voice takes you to the final audition, you’ll be one of three that compete at each day’s preliminary shows! And just like on the American Idol TV show, the audience will cheer you on as you talk to the host of the show and get a video pep talk from former “American Idol” winners. When it’s your time, you’ll grab a mic and let your talent shine in front of an excited Hollywood Studios ® crowd and a panel of judges. When you’re done the judges will give you some comments and criticisms before letting you know if you’ll move on to the grand finale.

Contestants who are chosen to move on will have the day to rest up their vocal chords before the grand finale show at the end of the day. And here’s where the experience gets really exciting! Not only do you get to sing in front of a live audience one more time but you’ll also get to compete for The Dream Ticket, which allows a winner to schedule an audition at an actual regional audition for the real “American Idol” show!

Not sure the audience would appreciate your singing voice? No worries. You can still get in on the “American Idol” fun by sitting in the audience and helping choose your favorite singer and voting on them for winner of the day.

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