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Best Fast Rides at Disney World like Rock n Roller Coaster featuring AerosmithIf riding the tea cups at Disney’s Magic Kingdom ® isn’t satisfying your need for speed, then you need to check out some of Walt Disney World’s ® other rides and attractions, like the ones that take you from 0 – 57 miles per hour in under 3 seconds or have you hitting a speedy 140 miles per hour with a professional race car driver. To better help you satisfy your need for speed, here are the best speedy rides and attractions at Walt Disney World ®:

Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom ® - Arguably the best roller coaster in all of Disney ®, Expedition Everest takes guests up the most famous mountain in the world only to be chased back down it by the legendary Yeti at speeds that will have you screaming for more! Along the way, you’ll experience sudden and complete darkness before hairpin turns hurl you forward and down unexpected 80-foot drops!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith – Hollywood Studios ® - One of the fastest rides in Disney ®, this rockin’ roller coaster doesn’t hesitate to get you up to speed right from the start. You’ll go from a screaming 0 – 57 miles per hour in a mere 2.8 seconds and that’s just the start of the ride. Along the way, you’ll speed through inversions, dips and loops, all while listening to Aerosmith’s classic tunes.

Richard Petty Driving Experience – Sometimes to experience the thrill of speed you have to go right to the source and what better way to go fast than in a racecar! The Richard Petty Driving Experience lets you experience real speed first-hand as you take the passenger seat in a NASCAR racecar and reach speeds up to 140 miles per hour while you race around the mile-long, tri-oval racetrack!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios ® - You may not think of The Tower of Terror as a fast ride, but rest assured there is nothing slow about the way you plunge down the hotel’s tower with drop after thrilling drop. Space Mountain – Magic Kingdom ® - This popular out-of-this-world ride may feel like you’re reaching speeds faster than light, but you’re actually just hitting a puny 27 miles per hour. With its effects, the darkness and the element of surprise, you actually feel like you’re flying through space at speeds unknown to man!

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