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Next year is SeaWorld’s 50th birthday and the Orlando theme park is celebrating with a sea of surprises all year long!

Starting March 21, 2014, Sea World parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio will spread the milestone birthday love throughout an 18-month celebration that highlights some of SeaWorld’s most memorable experiences. Plus, guests to the parks will be invited to take part in new interactive experiences, shows, pathway performances, up-close animal encounters and the Sea World “Surprise Squad” that surprises guests with prizes daily.

Here are some of the highlights of SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration Sea of Surprises:

Surprise animal encounters – Throughout every day of the 18-month long celebration guests will be able to experience even more animal encounters than they already do at SeaWorld Orlando. A pair of Magellanic penguins, a lemur, or even a parade of flamingos are just a few of the animals that could surprise guests at any moment.

Prizes – To further immerse guests in SeaWorld’s 50h birthday celebration the SeaWorld “Surprise Squad” will roam SeaWorld Orlando giving away prizes and special gifts. The gifts and prizes include exclusive access to rides or behind-the-scenes experiences, celebration t-shirts or Shamu-themed merchandise, reserved show seating and more.

New Animal Shows – When you think of SeaWorld you probably think of their incredible animal shows like their many Shamu productions.  SeaWorld knows these shows are one of their most popular offerings so each park will have showcase something new for the 50th celebration. Even the sidewalk will break out into song and dance as spontaneous entertainment including performers with sea-inspired costumes and props, a bubble brigade and splash mobs erupt right in the middle of the pathways. 

Tribute to SeaWorld’s Commitment to the Environment – Next to their shows, SeaWorld is probably most noted for their work with protecting the ocean and the animals that live in it. So during the park’s 50th anniversary celebration a series of giant sea life sculptures will be displayed. The art, which was created by environmental art group Washed Ashore was made from ocean debris.

New Technology - SeaWorld is always looking for ways to that enhance the guest experience. Adding new technologies is one way the park has done an excellent job luring in visitors but wait until you see what SeaWorld has in store for its 50th celebration. Thanks to the use of digital devices, fans will have new ways to connect to the parks and each other. The parks will also be launching interactive apps that provide fun new ways to experience the park, new games and video content.

Stay tuned for more details on SeaWorld’s 50th Sea of Surprises Celebration. In the meantime you can splash into summer with SeaWorld Orlando’s annual Summer Nights with discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.