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SeaWorld turle trekImagine being able to swim amongst the sea’s many creatures and follow their daily lives the way marine biologists do. Can you see yourself gliding through the sea next to a sea turtle or floating alongside a manatee? Well, thanks to some new innovative technology at SeaWorld Orlando you can.

The marine-based theme park announced earlier in the year they would release a revolutionary movie format in a new attraction with cutting-edge technology not seen before anywhere else in the world. The 3D movie called Turtle Trek debuts today at the SeaWorld Orlando and offers an impressive 360-degree view of a virtual undersea environment that follows sea turtles through years of aquatic adventures.

TurtleTrek features a 3D/360-degree dome that SeaWorld says is the first anywhere in the world. Combining a state-of-the-art animated film and projection system with a fully domed theater, TurtleTrek creates a theatrical experience that even surpasses that of IMAX. Guests to SeaWorld’s newest attraction will become immersed in this underwater world with projections cast all around them, even over their heads. The movie is from the perspective of a sea turtle navigating the ocean floor, showcasing the challenges these creatures face on a daily basis and the things we can do to help make a difference in the world.

And to boot, the TurtleTrek attraction also includes two massive, naturalistic habitats, one filled with hundreds of freshwater fish and manatees, some of them rescued and cared for by SeaWorld’s own animal team.

The attraction’s sea turtle residents cannot be returned to the wild due to genetics, illness or being orphaned and have found a permanent home at TurtleTrek. The new attraction is now home to adult and juvenile hawksbill, Kemp’s, loggerhead, and green sea turtles. And just like in the TurtleTrek movie, guests will be able to view these sea animals from different vantage points, including through a window below the water.

Four West Indian manatees can also bee seen from above, or below the water in TurtleTrek. Swimming among the sea cows are 200 freshwater fish in their habitat. Guests to the freshwater tank will even be able to view fish native to Florida including large-mouth bass and bluegills; and even some of Florida’s exotic fish including pacu and red-tail catfish.

Also, there’s a saltwater habitat that is home to more than 1,500 Caribbean-native fish with tropical varieties including angelfish, surgeonfish, filefish, butterfly fish and many more.

Be one of the first to experience SeaWorld Orlando’s newest cutting-edge technology in the incredible 3D/360-degree movie and accompanying naturalistic habitats at TurtleTrek. You can find discounted SeaWorld Orlando tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.