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SeaWorld One OceanEverybody knows SeaWorld Orlando is famous for having killer whales. And if you like visiting the aquatic park just to be able to see those killer whales, wait until you see SeaWorld’s newest show.

Almost a year into its residency at SeaWorld Orlando, One Ocean is quickly becoming one of the Orlando theme park’s favorite shows. Featuring SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales, One Ocean takes a different tone than some of the predecessor killer whale shows have in the past. Not only will guests get to experience the beauty and intensity of these orcas, but they will also get a better glimpse into the atmosphere and habitat in which they live. The message is an educational one emphasizing the union between humans and animals as a part of one world and one ocean.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to watch One Ocean you may be pleasantly surprised at how different and yet familiar the new show is. Taking place in Shamu Stadium just like the old “Believe” show did, One Ocean offers some new state-of-the-art technology to further enhance guests’ aquatic experience. LED screens are used prominently throughout the show and new effects have been added including high-powered fountains that, not only, squirt large streams of water into the pool, but also pop up unexpectedly close to the first few rows of guests. But not to worry, front row guests will be warned of the great possibility that they will get soaked in a pre-show video.

And speaking of pre-show, if you happen to get to One Ocean early enough you can enjoy some fun animal facts that are displayed on those giant LED screens.

Then its time for the roughly half dozen majestic killer whales as they entertain with their impressive swimming, jumping, leaping, dancing and even a little kissing for a performance that you really can’t find anywhere else. And even though the trainers no longer swim with the whales, you’ll still find plenty of killer whale and trainer interaction throughout.

Remember those dancing fountains? Well, they not only do an excellent job soaking the front row they also add an incredible element to the show as they arch up to 50 feet across the pool synchronized to One Ocean’s new musical score. The original score of “One Ocean” features three new songs: “One Song,” “Side by Side” and “We’re One.” There is also plenty to see underwater as colorful lights illuminate the giant tank as the whales perform below.

One Ocean” is performed multiple times daily at SeaWorld Orlando.

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