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Shark Encounter at SeaWorld OrlandoImagine being enclosed in an underwater tunnel where the sea’s most ferocious creature swims above you showing off its razor-sharp teeth as it swims back and forth above your head teasing you. Then suddenly, you realize the prehistoric predator isn’t alone as a school of sharks come flooding into the tunnel looking for their next meal. That’s what you’ll experience when you take a walk through Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando!

Ok, so it may not be that dramatic or scary but Shark Encounter is filled with hundreds of different species of sharks from all over the world that swim above and on the side of you in a 660,000 underwater viewing tank. The experience is unbelievably unique as you feel like you’re actually underwater with these incredible creatures.

And if you actually do want to be underwater with these ferocious predators, the Shark Encounter now offers a new interactive program called Shark Deep Dive where daring guests can voluntarily be thrust under water for an up-close shark encounter you won’t believe.

The Shark Deep Dive begins as participants are escorted to the “mud room” where they are outfitted with a wetsuit, boots, gloves and a Sea Trek helmet, which allows them to breath and communicate while underwater without scuba equipment. Before hitting the chilly water, thrill seekers are then introduced to five different species of sharks and other sea life in the tank so they can better identify what they are looking at. Guests are then placed in a steel cage and plunged 10 feet into the giant aquarium where they will encounter more than 30 sharks and fish swimming inches from their face. But don’t worry if you think one of them is eyeing you for lunch. These sharks are fed on a regular basis and are usually so full and satisfied they have no interest in attacking your cage!

After walking through Shark Encounter and looking one of the predators in the eye during the Shark Deep Dive you may be the one that is hungry and if so why not cap off your day with one more shark encounter at Sharks Underwater Grill. This full-service restaurant once again puts you face to face with the predators as your table sits next to a giant shark tank. As you enjoy a dinner of filet mignon and New York Strip you’ll marvel at the beauty of the creatures and be thankful for the glass that separates them from you!

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