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There are plenty of attractions in Orlando that get your heart pumping full of adrenaline – from the stomach-dropping rollercoasters at Universal’s Island of Adventures theme park to the famous Mountain Range or Tower of Terror at the Walt Disney World Resort, Central Florida is sure to meet any thrill-seeking-junkie’s seal of approval.

However, what if you aren’t a fan of feeling your stomach come up in your throat, and you would rather spend your days perusing the theme parks for much more relaxing adventures? If that’s the case, don’t worry – we have you covered!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park is probably not what most people would consider relaxing. As the No. 1-attended theme park in the country, it is almost always packed to the brim with visitors from all over the world. But, surprisingly enough, there are attractions here you can escape to if and when you need a break from the fast pace of this iconic park. The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square serves as a 20+ minute retreat and history lesson in one. Set in an air-conditioned hall with cushioned chairs, guests take a look back through American history at all 43 U.S. Presidents. Over in Tomorrowland, the Carousel of Progress also takes a look back as a “typical” American family journeys from one decade to another in this 21-minute stage show. Once you’ve taken a few trips back in time, take a trip around Tomorrowland via the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, or around the perimeter of the park on the Walt Disney World Railroad, which can serve as both a means of transportation from one land to another or a leisurely ride and attraction itself.

At Epcot, Ellen’s Energy Adventure takes a 45-minute trip through time, while the popular attraction Soarin’ takes guests on a soothing simulated hand gliding experience through California. The World Showcase here also proves to be a great spot for relaxation, as many of the pavilions have sit-down shows that gives guests a look into that country’s culture and history. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park also has lots of areas for relaxation as well, with serene nature walks through various animal habitats, while Disney’s Hollywood Studios features the Great Movie Ride, a journey through some of the most popular movies of all-time or One Man’s Dream, an air-conditioned walking tour tribute to Mr. Walt Disney himself.

The Universal Orlando Resort also has its fair share of relaxing attractions. At Universal Studios Florida, Animal Actors on Location features animals from various TV shows and movies in a performance that will both get you off your feet (literally) and knock you off your feet (figuratively). Next door at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride! gives guests a new sky-high perspective of Seuss Landing.

SeaWorld Orlando is full of shows with their spectacularly-trained animals that are both entertaining and relaxing, as well as animal habitats that normally don’t get too crowded. The Sky Tower is also a unique attraction here, as it takes guests 400 feet into the air to get a rare view of Sea World and a panoramic view of Central Florida.

For the ultimate dose in relaxation, however, head next door from SeaWorld to Discovery Cove. This all-inclusive experience that requires reservations and gets guests up close and personal with many marine mammals, from swimming with dolphins to snorkeling with tropical fish and stingrays or hand-feeding exotic birds in the free-flight aviary, all in a tropical setting that exudes both fun and relaxation. Central Florida may be home to some of the world’s top thrill rides, but those looking for a dose of relaxation can find it here too. No matter what type of vacation you’re looking for, Central Florida is the destination for you!