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Boggy Creek Night ToursIf the idea of taking a boat out in the middle of the night to an alligator infested marsh in Orlando sounds like the perfect Friday night then you have to try the Boggy Creek Night Tours.

The Boggy Creek Night Tour will take adventure seekers out into the Central Florida Everglades at night for an airboat tour that let’s you observe as the intimidating Florida Alligator glides through the murky waters in search for its prey. Because alligators like to hunt at night, this night tour is a great way to get an up-close-and-personal experience with the fierce predator.

Your night begins as you board a 17-passenger U.S. Coast Guard approved airboat and wade your way through the Central Florida Everglades. Once onboard, a Coast Guard will take you out for an hour’s adventure where you’ll search for Florida Alligators and other nocturnal animals that live in the marsh. Equipped with a miner’s cap with a light on it, the Coast Guard will scan the waters for the red eyes of the predators. As you look for the alligators, your tour guide will give you insights into the animals that live in the area.

And even if you don’t get to see an alligator on your night tour, the gator search is just half of Boggy Creek Night Tours fun. Before arriving to the alligator lookout portion of the tour, the Coast Guard will speed guests up to 45 miles per hour through the marsh, shooting between walls of tall trees as you watch the landscape whirl past. Plus, once the boat stops and you begin your search for alligators, there is a good chance you’ll be able to spot other Everglades wildlife like turtles, birds, fireflies and more. And who knows what you might be able to spot in Orlando’s spectacular skyline as you wait for the red eyes of the alligators to appear. Guests have reported that they were able to see fireworks over Disney ®!

If you prefer to sleep at night and explore during the day you can also enjoy the Central Florida Everglades with the 30-minute Boggy Creek Airboat Ride. Just like the night tour, a Coast Guard will guide you through the marshes as they educate you on the flora and fauna, including those alligators!

For a chance to swim with the alligators, or at least float beside them and explore the Central Florida Everglades at night, look for discounted Boggy Creek Night Tours right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.