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With any trip to a theme park you’re bound to load up the car with items you think you’ll need while in the park. But in the summer it seems as if your carload doubles with more essentials to keep you cool, hydrated and sun-burn free on a hot summer day. Here is Orlando Fun Tickets list of Summer Must-Haves on your next Orlando theme park trip:

Sunscreen/ Aloe – Number 1 on our list, sunscreen is absolutely essential to ensure you have a fun-filled day, sans sunburn. Make sure you put the sunscreen on before you leave home and then apply frequently throughout the day, even if it is cloudy out. And on that same note, if you do forgot to reapply make sure to bring some aloe to soothe whatever burn you might get while walking the park.

Ponchos/ Umbrella – Summer afternoons in Florida almost always include a rain shower. Thankfully these don’t last too long but when they hit you’re going to want to have a poncho or umbrella handy, especially if you are in between rides or are trying to get to your next destination without getting soaked. Plus, when you have an umbrella or poncho your day doesn’t have to stop for the rain.

Water – With all of the excitement to experience at an Orlando theme park it’s hard to remember to keep hydrated. But in the summer it’s an absolute must for a safe and fun day out. We recommend bringing plenty of water bottles with you and filling up at water fountains whenever you run out. You can always buy water pretty much anywhere but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and have your own on hand.

Bathing suit – If you’re not heading to an Orlando water park this one may seem a little odd but if you have children it’s essential. Throughout several parks are water areas for kids to splash and play in. They can absolutely do this in their regular clothes but you might find it easier to just put them in a bathing suit and let them get that wet without soaking their outfit.

Change of clothes – Water rides and splash parks are welcome in the summer so there is a good chance you’re going to want to hit one up on your visit. What may not be so welcome is the wet clothes you have to wear for the rest of the day. If you don’t walk to walk around in wet shorts for hours we suggest bringing an extra pair of clothes.

Wherever you go this summer make sure you bring along Orlando Fun Tickets Summer Must-Have list and you’ll be cool, dry hydrated and burn-free in no time!