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Animal babies Animal KingdomHome to 1,700 animals from 250 species, Disney’s Animal Kingdom ® is the largest animal-themed park in the world! And those numbers continue to grow as the Orlando theme parks welcomes new animal babies each and every year. If you haven’t been to Animal Kingdom ® in a while there are a few new furry friends roaming the savanna that are capturing the hearts of staff members and guests and are a must-see on your next African safari!

Rhino Baby – On May 4th, Animal Kingdom welcomed their newest baby Rhino born to mom, Kendi, a 13-year old white rhino who was the first-born rhino at the park. The birth of the baby white rhino was a significant one because at one time the species was nearly extinct and is currently endangered. But thanks to conservation efforts and careful management, the species has grown to approximately 20,150 worldwide!

Jabali – Baby Elephant – A year ago last August, Animal Kingdom ® announced the birth of a 311-pound male African elephant calf they named Jabali. Jabali was the second calf for his 25-year old mother and became the 12th elephant in Animal Kingdom’s ® herd. When he was just two weeks old, Jabali began appearing in the park’s African savanna and now he’s one of the most sought after animals on the savanna. (Tip: Jabali can often be found playing in the mud wallow on the savanna and splashing in the ponds with other elephants). And if you are on the look out for Jabali don’t expect to find a baby elephant. While still small compared to the other adult elephants, Jabali now weighs 1,090 pounds!

Lilly – Baby Gorilla – In February 2010, Animal Kingdom ® welcomed, Lily - the third gorilla born in the park. Lilly was the first gorilla born in Animal Kingdom ® in over a decade and immediately caught cast members attention with her tiny size and sweet demeanor. Now, a curious almost three-year old, Lilly is still one of the most beloved animals to watch in the park as she hops along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, running after rabbits and wandering away from her mother Kashata. Lilly is still smaller than the rest of her gorilla family, making it easy to spot her on your next trail adventure.

Will there be more baby animals born at Animal Kingdom ® in 2013? Stay tuned to find out! In the meantime, to see Animal Kingdom’s ® other adorable baby animals and explore the rest of the park look for discounted Magic Your Way tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.