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OFT_L_Antarctica_8-9-13Orlando may rarely reach temps below 50 degrees or see snowfall but there are still a few places in the city where you can enjoy chilly, cold and downright freezing weather. There are several rides and attractions at Orlando theme parks that will take you to the coldest places on Earth, some of which you may never have the chance to visit outside of these attractions. So if you just can’t wait until fall to enjoy cooler temperatures here are our Top Chills in Orlando:

Titanic the Experience – Take a step inside the Titanic on the fateful night it hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean in Titanic the Experience. You’ll get chills as you learn about the real people who were on the boat on that sad night and see real artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic. But perhaps the most chilling part about this exhibit is when you get to touch an iceberg and experience just how cold the waters were when the ship sank.

Whether you want to actually feel the chilly temperatures of some of the world’s coldest places or just watch the animals that live there Orlando Fun Tickets can keep you cool for the rest of summer and into the fall with discounted tickets to SeaWorld Orlando, Titanic the Experience and more.

SeaWorld Orlando

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin – If penguins live here you know it has to be cold. And Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando is beyond cold. In fact, it’s freezing with temps that hit a rarely felt 30-degrees! That’s because the penguins, who are native to Antarctica are used to the incredibly cold weather. So far this summer guests aren’t seeming to mind the temps either as they escape the sweltering heat to catch a glimpse of the penguins and the 20,00 pounds of snow that’s produced daily for the attraction.

Wild Arctic – There isn’t a colder place on Earth than Antarctica, except for maybe the Arctic where average winter temps can be as low as -40 degrees! You may have wanted cold but not that cold that’s why in this attraction you won’t feel the freeze of the arctic but you will be able to experience the many incredible animals that inhabit the frozen place including beluga whales, walruses, polar bears and more! See how the animals live in such cold conditions as you comfortably stand behind a protective glass enclosure and marvel at their beauty.