Top Things to Do

Wet 'n' Wild Brain WashIf school isn’t already out it for the summer it will be very soon, and that means the start of family vacations. Deciding where you want to go can be a difficult decision but it might not be the hardest part. Once you know where to go it’s even harder to map out which attractions to hit. Luckily Orlando Fun Tickets has compiled a list of our favorite places in Central Florida to splash, play, relax and make your family vacation unforgettable!

Water Parks – Nothing says summer like speeding down a giant water slide, floating down a river and fighting rip-roaring rapids at a water park! And Orlando has three very different but equally as thrilling water parks you have to try.

Wet ‘n’ Wild – Its name says it all! Orlando’s premiere water park is filled with more rides, attractions, pools, adventures and fun than you can fit into one day. Multi-person rides include the mind-altering four person tube ride, Brain Wash; a 6-story triple drop tube ride Bubba Tub; the two-person ride that takes you down a thrilling black tunnel, The Black Hole: Next Generation and so many more. And if you want to go it alone you can’t miss the thrilling and super steep slides, Der Stuka and The Bomb Bay. The family will also have a blast at the new Blastaway Beach – the sandcastle themed water playground filled with a 60-foot sandcastle with over 160 interactive toys and slides.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach ® – Summer in Orlando can get downright steamy so a trip to the frosty park that is Blizzard Beach ® is the perfect way to stay cool this summer. The one-time ski resort turned cool watery wonderland offers unique rides based around snow and blizzards like the Slush Gusher, a 90-foot-long high-speed snow-blanketed covered water slide that is said to be the melting slush from Mount Gushmore. There is also the “ski jump” Summit Plummet, Blizzard Beach’s most fearsome slide that sends you down a 120-foot sloop! If thrill rides aren’t your thing enjoy a day at the beach at Melt-Away Bay where you can relax in an inner tube and let the waves whisk your worries away.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ® - Enjoy a storm of watery fun at this incredible water park. Disney’s ® other themed water park, Typhoon Lagoon takes you on a more tropical adventure filled with surfboards, palm trees, boats and an oasis of water fun like the Crush ‘n’ Gusher – a 1- 2 – or 3-person ride that will have you defying gravity as you propel uphill before plunging to the bottom in a fit of laughter. There are also the Storm Slides, where you can zip three-stories down hill on a body board. Whatever ride you choose Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon ® is the perfect tropical summer getaway the entire family will love.

Sammy Duvall’s Watersports Complex – Watersports enthusiasts can spend the summer water skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and tubing at this state-of-the-art watersports facility. Sammy Duvall’s Watersports Complex not only lets you enjoy the thrill of gliding over water on your watersport of choice but the complex is actually located on Disney ® property at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Marina! That means there’s a chance you’ll spot Magic Kingdom ® and Disney’s ® other parks as you splash across the marina.

There are plenty more fun summer places to visit in Orlando these next few months, and whichever place you choose you can always find discounted tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.