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Details about Be Our Guest Restaurant

They say the attention is in the detail and on a recent trip to Be Our Guest Restaurant at the new Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom ® we say they were right! It’s hard not to get whisked away at anything Walt Disney World ® offers, but even a quick service lunch in Magic Kingdom ® is magical.

Be Our Guest Restaurant is unlike any restaurant you’ll ever see, even in Disney ®. It’s more of a walk through attraction that serves delicious French food than anything else. And we mean that in a good way. Fitting in with the rest of Fantasyland’s theme, the restaurant does an excellent job completely immersing guests into the “Beauty and the Beast” movie from portraits of the loving couple to gargoyles outside and even red roses as table numbers. Disney ® didn’t miss a thing when they built Be Our Guest Restaurant, in fact they added incredible details that after reading this post will make you want to eat their for lunch (or a fancy dinner) on your next Disney ® visit.

It all begins before you even step inside the restaurant. Surrounded by rock ad an elaborate doorway with stone birds guarding the door, walking in to Be Our Guest looks more like you’re walking into a dark ominous ride. But once inside you’ll get a gorgeous sight of Belle and her prince frozen in love in a stained glass window. It’s the same image you see at the end of the movie, and it’s just as breathtaking. The stained glass is actually mosaic tile, but it looks stunning either way.

You’ll then pass by two stone structures of what appear to be men sorrowfully holding bricks upon their back before you pass under a doorway with even more intricate detail. The doorway leads you to the hall of armor where different flags and suits of armor line the walls. Each suit of armor offers different crests that are equally detailed and worth a closer look. Plus, in true Disney ® fashion, there are speakers hidden in or behind each suit that play snippets of muffled dialogue, sneezes, and even snoring! Waiting to eat has never been so amusing!

After the hall, you’ll arrive at the ordering room. It may not seem like an ordering room could be that exciting but it certainly was full of charm. Swathed with heavy curtains and a large fireplace as the focal point, the ordering room has 6 or 8 touch-screen kiosks, where you can place your order. If none of the other detail has excited you so far, maybe the self-ordering will!

After you have successfully placed your order a Disney ® Cast Member will hand you a round plastic piece shaped like a rose. This “rose” is to be placed on your table and tells the kitchen and servers where to bring your food. Details!

From the ordering room you’ll finally enter the Main Ballroom, and it’s just as gorgeous as it is in the movie. Giant windows line the room, which offer incredible views of snowfall outside (a detail in and of itself that Floridians will love). From the ceiling hang stunning chandeliers and the ceiling itself is hand-painted with cherubs in a mix of blues, pinks and purples. If your food were to take long to arrive and you wouldn’t even notice, there is so much to take in but when it does arrive (and it doesn’t take long at all) it will arrive on a unique serving cart, just like the ones wheeled in when Belle goes in search of food on her first night in Beast’s Castle.

As incredible as the Ballroom is, there are still two other dining halls to choose from, The Rose Gallery, which features a large rotating “music box” statuette of Belle and the Beast in the center, which is worth peering in just to see and the West Wing, which is as incredible as you’d imagine it to be.

In the West Wing, you’ll find the slashed portrait of the Prince that changes when lightning strikes. There is also the rose that rotates in place, and if you wait long enough you will see the petals fall off. Next to the rose is the hand mirror that Beast looks into.

And there are so many more details we couldn’t fit in here. But if you wan to see them for yourself you can always find discounted Walt Disney World ® tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.