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Walt Disney World ® is a place of holiday cheer the second November hits all the way through the beginning of January. From Christmas parades, thousands of glowing lights, Santa Clause and seasonal shows, there isn’t much that won’t put you in the holiday spirit at this Orlando theme park. One of Orlando Fun Tickets’ favorites is the Holidays Around the World at Epcot ® and the many storytellers that make it so fascinating!

As many of you know, Epcot ® is made up of different countries from around the world. During Holidays Around the World, characters depicting a traditional figure from each of the nations of the World Showcase tells the story of how a holiday is traditionally celebrated in their country. These characters are the Holiday Storytellers. And while all of the stories are fascinating, there are a few you really don’t want to miss!

Father Christmas – Many Christmas traditions we know and celebrate today have actually originated in the United Kingdom. From kissing under the mistletoe to sending out holiday greeting cards and even the song “Deck the Halls,” the United Kingdom has helped shape our own holiday cheer. One such tradition we know and love is the story of Father Christmas. At the United Kingdom pavilion, Father Christmas will tell the history of the United Kingdom’s Christmas and his own of the man who brings holiday joy to the well-behaved.

La Befana – There is an old Italian verse that expresses the strong feelings Italian people have for the celebration of Christmas. It means “You celebrate the new year with whomever you please, but Christmas only with your own.” At the Italy pavilion in Epcot ®, you will experience how intimate Christmas is in Italy when the good-hearted witch called Le Befana talks about her role as the Christmas gift-giver who climbs down chimneys to fill the shoes of good children with treats. Unlike Santa Claus who arrives on Christmas Eve, La Befana arrives on the eve of Epiphany (January 5).

The 3 Kings – At the Mexico pavilion, the Three Kings explain how their country celebrates the holidays, including Three Kings Day. In Mexico, Christmas is called La Navidad and its main celebration is Las Posadas, which means “inn.” During Los Pasadas, Mexican families recreate the journey of Mary and Joseph looking for shelter in Bethlehem. For nine nights from Dec. 16, Mexican children dress up like Mary and Joseph and visit their neighbors as part of a candlelight procession. Then on January 6, the day the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem, Mexican children leave their shoes on the doorsteps in a celebration called Dia De Los Tres Reyes (Three Kings Day). When they wake up they will have received toys and gifts placed around their shoes.

Santa Claus – Meet Old Saint Nick himself in the American Adventure pavilion and celebrate the traditions of Hannukkah and the spirit of Kwanza as he tells the stories of both holiday celebrations. His holly jolly spirit is infectious and his story is even more interesting.

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