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Best Surprises at Walt Disney WorldEverybody likes surprises including Walt Disney World ® so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Orlando theme park likes to shock and amaze its many guests with surprise elements in some of its most popular rides and attractions. Whether you know what’s coming or you’re completely shocked at each twist and turn here are the Top surprises at Walt Disney World ®, Spoiler Alert!

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom ® is one of Disney’s ® top roller coasters. With an immersive environment, thrilling coaster elements and a story about a formidable Yeti that ties it all together, this ride is exciting, scary and downright scream-worthy. And when you tie in a surprise backwards ride in the dark, you have a roller coaster that is incomparable. Like most coasters at Disney ®, Expedition Everest starts innocently enough as riders pass through bamboo trees and ferns filled with birds. The coaster’s climb introduces guests to the Yeti via a large mural etched into the rock wall before you take a small dive into the mountain and the dark. When you emerge you notice the tracks in front of you are all mangled as your train comes to a stop. This is the first indication that a surprise change of direction is coming. The Yeti suddenly appears, angry that you have ventured into his sacred land and begins to unleash his wrath. With nowhere to go the train rolls backwards into the mountain but, unbeknownst to you, the train doesn’t take the same path out of the mountain as it did coming in. Another little surprise that has you gripping your lap bar as the positive G-force pushes you back into your seat and screaming for dear life!

Enchanted Tales With Belle, part of the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom ®, is one of Disney’s ® newest immersive attractions, and one that puts guests face-to-face with Belle herself. But before you get to meet the brunette princess, guests will enter her father’s cottage and explore his many wacky inventions. Amongst cooky creations stands one thing that wasn’t created by Maurice, a gorgeous mirror. Maurice’s most treasured possession; this isn’t just any mirror but the Enchanted Mirror that transports guests to Beast’s Castle. In fact, this mirror transforms into a doorway beckoning guests to continue to Beast’s castle for the rest of Enchanted Tales with Belle experience. It’s a little surprise that adds to the attractions charm.

Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, it is not surprise to think that this ride has a few thrilling surprises. No matter how many times you ride this haunted elevator you’ll be shocked at the timing and how many times you freefall down the abandoned shaft and then come back up again only to do it all one more time. So how many drops are there on Tower of Terror? Well, the answer is a surprise, literally. The ride system allows for any number of randomized drops and lifts. The computer randomly chooses one of four drop profiles. But regardless of the drop profile chosen each features one “faux drop” that will scare the daylights out of you!

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, the popular Hollywood Studios ride hints at its many surprise adventures right in its title. Thanks to the 54 different journeys that can be taken, this ride is both exciting and surprising. You can ride the popular attraction again and again and not experience the same ride twice. You will however, deliver the Rebel spy to safety no matter what the sequence is. Another surprise in the ride is if it turns out that you are the rebel spy.

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