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The Legend of Jack SparrowDecember 6 was a huge day for Walt Disney World ® as the Orlando theme park debuted the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom ® and celebrated Test Track’s new interactive attractions at Epcot ®. And while Magic Kingdom ® and Epcot ® welcomed the masses for the new fun, Hollywood Studios ® was allowing guests to sail on the seven seas with Disney’s ® favorite pirate on The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow.

For the first time ever, guests to Hollywood Studios ® will now be able to walk in the footsteps of the pirate in this unique walkthrough attraction. The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow blends favorite moments from all four “Pirates of the Caribbean” films with new technologies that transport pirate wannabes into the scurvy world of Captain Jack Sparrow. But before you begin your walk through with the legendary buccaneer the swashbuckling adventure actually begins before you even enter the building.

As you walk up to The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction you’ll instantly be transported to the 18th century as the building is covered in a huge colored map and the attraction’s logo.

Once inside the soundstage the mood instantly changes as you enter a dark room and follow a hallway to another door where a pirate skull awaits you. The mysterious skull isn’t just any old skull, it’s a talking one and as you get close to it, it opens its eyes and starts asking you if you are brave enough to be a part of Captain Jack Sparrow’s scallywag crew. If you affirm that you are brave enough, you’ll enter another room where Captain Jack Sparrow himself is waiting for you, played by Johnny Depp. The room also holds a gigantic pirate ship, plenty of props like skeletons and lost loot from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films and the talking skull once again serves as your pirate guide for the attraction.

The show, which is filled with audience participation, then starts with invading skeletons. In order to make the skeletons go away, you’ll have to hold up a physical key that somebody is given earlier in the experience. This interaction continues throughout the show and involves the audience holding up their arms and shouting out commands in order to make things happen on stage. All the while guests will experience popular scenes and sets from the movies like Davey Jones’ ship, skulls that flit around the stage and a real image of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack that is projected from the deck of the massive ship. The attraction is so much like the films you’ll even experience the same humor from Captain Jack! 

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