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top mom characters at Orlando Theme Parks, white rhino KendiMother’s Day is Sunday, May 13 and in honor of all of the mamas out there Orlando Fun Tickets has put together a list of our favorite moms, both real and make believe at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World ®. From tough and strong to sweet and calm here is a list of the top moms in Orlando, excluding your own, of course!

Universal Orlando ®

Sarah Connor Terminator 2 3-D: Battle Across Time - With arms like cannons and the determination to save her son and the rest of the Earth from evil cyborg’s, Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies is one of the toughest and most loving mothers of all time. And she’s spreading her motherly wings once again in Terminator 2: 3D Battle Across Time when she tells the audience about Cyberdyne’s evil plans and urges everyone to evacuate on this thrilling 3D adventure. Just like in the movie and just like a real mom would, Sarah makes sure she saves her son and the audience from these evil machines.

Shrek 4D- There is more than one mom in Shrek that earns the “Mother of the Year” award. Princess Fiona should be awarded a medal for her patience as she cares for her rowdy brood of ogres day in and day out. And the Dragon, Donkey’s beloved also has her hands full with those flying, fire-breathing dragon babies of hers, not to mention keeping up with Donkey’s own antics. Both Fiona and Dragon are super moms and if your mom does it all too and with a smile on her face then Shrek 4D is the show to see.

Walt Disney World ®

Mrs. Potts – Beauty and the Beast  - Live On Stage– The matriarch of the Beauty and the Beast cast, Mrs. Potts is not only a patient mother to her son Chip but also the mother figure to Belle. Mrs. Potts’ soothing voice, kind yet stern words and her ability to always know when you’re in need of a spot of tea makes her one of the sweetest mothers to ever take the stage in Walt Disney World ®.

Sarabi – Festival of the Lion King – The queen of the lions during Mufasa’s rule, Sarabi is the most cool and calm of all of the mother’s on this list, yet she is strong and firm and refuses to bow down to anyone, including Scar. Sarabi’s relaxed personality yet protectiveness of her family makes her the coolest mother we have yet to come across. If you’re mother is as cool, calm and collected as Sarabi, she’ll love watching the lioness in Festival of the Lion King.

Kendi, the white rhino – At Disney’s Animal Kingdom ®,  Kendi, the first white rhino born at the theme park, just gave birth to her healthy son, yet unnamed, on May 4th.  This is Kendi’s fourth calf, so she knows what it’s like to be a mom. Congrats!

A Happy Mother’s Day to all of the great moms out there – real or otherwise!