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World of Chima to open at LEGOLAND FloridaMay the Mouse be with you! Journey to a galaxy far, far away this May and get ready for more thrills, excitement and Jedi tricks than ever before as Star Wars Weekends returns to Walt Disney World ® every Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 17 through June 9 at Hollywood Studios ®.

Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ® is always a popular event, luring in both Star Wars enthusiasts and die-hard fans, but this year with the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney ®; we have a feeling the event will be bigger than ever! Two new Star Wars guests are set to make their way into the park, adding a little darkness and a little light to the galactic event.

Star Wars Weekend guests can go to the dark side for the first two weekends of the event with actor Ray Park, who played Darth Mal in Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. The Sith will meet and greet and sing autographs for fans on both weekends.

Things will be a little lighter on weekends three and four when Warwick Davis, who played several roles in the Star Wars films, most notably Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi heads to the park.  Davis will also be available for meet and greets and photo opportunities.

Aside from the new guests, Star Wars Weekends will include the usual out of this world fun with the newly revamped Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. Guests who have always wanted to travel into the galaxy far, far away will be able to as the ride takes you on a 3-D adventure through the Star Wars galaxy where you can become a part of the Star Wars films and fly alongside some of your favorite Star Wars characters including R2-D2, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and more. And you never know where the force might take you on this ride as multiple storylines make for an exciting adventure each and every time you ride.

Playing on the excitement of the ride and the movie series, Hasbro has announced new Star Wars Star Tours Action Figure Packs. Adding to the packs released in 2011, these two sets of figures introduce new Droids from the ride and adds a few fan favorites. The "Search for the Rebel Spy" pack will include a brand new Seeker Droid, plus a retooled Signal Droid and Imperial Sky Trooper. The "Sector 2 Security" set will include the G2 Droid, RX Droid and C-3PO. These packs launch in May and will be available for purchase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ® during Star Wars Weekends.

In addition to riding Star Tours, guests to Star Wars Weekends can learn how to become a Jedi during the “Jedi Training Academy” before ending each day with the comedy, dancing, high-energy show “Hyperspace Hoopla.”

Things are brewing for the Star Wars franchise with Disney acquiring LucasFilm in last year, and J. J. Abrams is already set to direct the continuation of the Star Wars Saga with Star Wars: Episode VII scheduled to be release in 2015.

Stay tuned for more details on Star Wars Weekends, more Star Wars news like if you’ll be able to catch actors from the recently canceled Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV show on Cartoon Network, and the new Star Tours action figures available at the park soon.