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If you thought Fun Spot America was big before, wait until you see how the Orlando thrill park has expanded during it’s June 8 grand re-opening.

In the last year, Fun Spot America has tripled in size and in just the past few weeks, the park has added three new thrill rides on an additional 10 acres of land. It’s all a part of Fun Spot America’s expansion plans, which not only includes three new roller coasters but a new food court, new go-kart options and possibly even a water park years down the road.

But let’s start with the three new rides, two of which are already up and running:

The first is called the Freedom Flyer and fly it does. This suspended family coaster is 1,200+ feet long, 64 feet high and reaches speed of 34 miles per hour. Unlike other popular roller coasters, the Freedom Flyer doesn’t offer loops but what it lacks in loops it makes up for in anti-gravity thrills. The coaster starts with a nice head first drop down a steep hill, form there gravity kicks in as you fly around many twists and turns. You’ll even dangle above Fun Spot’s new plaza and catch amazing views of the double-decker carousel and the new ride Enterprise. But perhaps the best part about Freedom Flyer is the end when you take a spiral descent followed by an abrupt stop that brings you back into the loading dock.

The second new coaster is called White Lightning. This one measures 2,000+ feet long, 75 feet high and speeds guests up to 48 miles per hour. But here’s where White Lightning is different from Freedom Flyer (or any other coaster in Orlando for that matter) it’s made of wood! The coaster both looks and sounds like its name. With a clacking noise that accompanies guests as they climb up its 75-foot peak, White Lightening you’re your attention instantly as it twists and turns riders downward at an intense speed. And while you may expect a wooden roller coaster to be rickety and jerky, White Lightening is as smooth as they come.

The third and final new attraction at Fun Spot America is Sky Coaster, and at 250-feet it’s the world’s second tallest. The tallest is Sky Coaster’s sister coaster at Fun Spot US, but in all fairness it’s not that much shorter and it’s just as thrilling. With even more incredible views of the park, Sky Coaster can best be described as a combination of sky-diving and hang gliding if you can imagine that!

All three rides will be a part of Fun Spot America’s grand re-opening on Saturday, June 8 from 8:30 a.m. to noon. You can ride all three coasters with discounted Fun Spot America tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.