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Fantasyland Magic Kingdom

Since its grand opening on Dec. 6, thousands of Walt Disney World ® fans have piled into Magic Kingdom ® to experience the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom’s ® history - the new Fantasyland. And, it’s no surprise why. With tons of new attractions, rides and shows it’s easy to get lost in thee excitement of the new area, so much so that you may miss a few of the details that make all of the experiences so incredible! If you’re planning a trip to the new Fantasyland in the New Year here are some unique Fantasyland quirks to be on the lookout for:

When you head under the sea with Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” in Journey of The Little Mermaid make sure you spend some time in the ride’s interactive queue where you can direct tiny blue crabs, who are collecting whozits and whatzits to either get rid of an item on the screen or keep it. A wave of the hand tells the crabs you don’t want it while a thumbs up tells them to keep it. Just, read Ariel’s note in the queue for directions.

“Dear Friends – A storm mixed up our human stuff! The crabs need your help cleaning up. If a crab brings out something that doesn’t match the stuff around it – Just point at it and the crab will take it away. Thanks, Ariel”

In the Beauty and the Beast area of the park, don’t forget to stop for a croissant and sip of LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern. And as you enjoy your refreshing drink, French fare and the incredible attention to detail of the tavern like the giant pictures of Gaston, antler chandeliers and fireplace make sure you take a load off and snap a picture in Gaston’s Chair. When you’re done, meet the muscular man himself outside of the Tavern.

The Storybook Circus section of the new Fantasyland will have you completely immersed in the circus with a two-ring circus full of flying elephants (Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride), a daring airplane stuntman, a sideshow (popular Disney characters dressed as sideshow talent), a big top souvenir stand and clowns! And while the clowns may seem like the last thing you’d miss, they just may be the one thing you did! Storybook Circus has been open since the summer but the clowns only came to the attraction on Dec. 6, during Fantasyland’s grand opening. Guests to the area are now greeted by the hilarious clowns, who hail from the famed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

Since Orlando has seen less than warm weather this month guests may not have been able to take advantage of the Casey Jr. splash n’ soak station. But once, the weather warms up, it’ll be something your kids wont’ let you miss as they’ll be able to cool off in the soakers all day.

And as you roam the new Fantasyland you may hear gorgeous music playing throughout the park. Make sure you listen closely as musicians are playing memorable songs from classic Disney movies like “Fathoms Below” the ship’s chorus from the beginning of the Little Mermaid, among others. It’s these kinds of details that make Disney World Magical.

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