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Best Alien encounters at Disney WorldSpace aliens have invaded Orlando theme parks! That’s right from aliens that attack to the friendlier out-of-this-world beings Orlando theme parks are chalk full of intergalactic creatures who pop up on rides, shows, and attractions. If you want to see one of these aliens here are the top alien attractions at Orlando theme parks:

Men In Black Alien AttackUniversal Studios - This high-tech, interactive ride is one of the most alien-filled attractions in all of Orlando. There seems to be an alien around every turn and it’s your job to rid the streets of New York of these intergalactic beings. But beware they aren’t afraid to attack back! While it’s not hard to spot the “scum of the universe” on this ride there are a few aliens that like to disguise themselves. Be on the lookout for Frank the Pug as he is hidden to the right of the inside track, next to the Crashed Spaceship. And during the queue, you can check out the famous Men in Black worm guys by the water cooler.

E.T. Adventure – Universal Studios – America’s favorite alien has come to Universal Studios in the hopes that you’ll help him save his homeworld, Green Planet. To do so you must use your flying bicycle to sneak him past the police and scientists and fly over the city to his planet. Once he’s safely arrived on his magical planet, other alien creatures greet you in song, while E.T. personally thanks you for your help. He knows everyone by name.

Hollywood Drive-In Golf – Universal’s CityWalk - Just before you make it to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure, stop by the Hollywood Drive-In for mini golf featuring the Invaders From Planet Putt! With awesome interactive elements and special effect throughout, putting around this golf course is out of this world.  Plus, you get to enter a giant space worm’s mouth, among other close encounters.

Stitch’s Great Escape! – Magic Kingdom ® Walt Disney World ® - In this zany alien show, you aren’t eliminating aliens from the streets or saving them from scientists, you’re simply guarding one, but this alien isn’t as easy to watch as you may think. Experiment 626, otherwise known as Stitch from the Walt Disney Pictures film, Lilo and Stitch, is a wild, out-of-control character that continuously escapes your watchful eye, popping up randomly throughout the theatre. Stitch’s Great Escape will keep you in stitches and on your toes as you try and tame the wild alien.

Toy Story Mania! – Hollywood Studios ® Walt Disney World ® - This attraction isn’t all about aliens but it still offers some alien fun with the strange creatures from Pizza Planet in an interactive 3D ride. The high-energy ride takes you through several carnival-like games with the characters of Toy Story one of them includes tossing rings at the Little Green Aliens at Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers. You can also catch these fun aliens in the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade!

The Great Movie Ride – Hollywood Studios ® Walt Disney World ® - Another ride that isn’t solely about aliens, The Great Movie Ride still lets alien enthusiasts encounter the out-of-this-world beings with lifelike audio-animatronics replicas and memorable moments from the award-winning film, Alien. During the Alien portion of this ride guests will enter into the Nostromo spaceship, where the narrator tells guests of the alien lurking within the ship. You’ll pass an audio-animatronics Ripley as Nostromo’s “Mother” computer warns of the ship’s self destruction. As you try to escape before the ship explodes, you’ll run right into the Alien as he pops out from the ceiling and the wall, attacking your ride vehicle.

Star Tours – Hollywood Studios ® Walt Disney World ® - You never know who you might bump into at Star Tours. From Jedis to Chewbacca or ewoks, all sorts of aliens roam around Hollywood Studios. And if you happen to visit during the annual Star Wars Weekends during Spring, you encounter a whole Star Wars Parade full of characters from a galaxy far, far away.

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